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  • IC and OOC - Please Read

    IC and OOC - Please Read

    Over the last few years, we have noticed a particular trend among many in the player base that has caused some concerns.

    The lines between in-character and out-of-character have become increasingly blurred, bent and ignored. While this started as a gradual and occasional incident, it seems to be much more common now. This progression has resulted in a shift in how the game works and itís alarming how deep it runs, without anyone realizing it.

    Everyone has a tendency to revert to OOC before IC and as a result of this, the immersive experience people expect in roleplaying games has been diminished. While we understand and support the desire of players to make connections and have conversations OOC, the fact that the habit has become so incredibly pivotal to every single playerís experience has caused issues ranging from cliquishness, alt abuse, alt favoritism, stalking, TOS violations, harassment, crossover and privacy violations.

    We will do what we can to police the outright breaking of rules and violations of the terms of service. If we have to, we will consider removing access to @msg, @chat, @ooc and any other form of OOC communication channels. For everyone if need be.

    In the meantime, all I can do is urge every single player, whether you think this message applies to you or not, to consider for a moment the following;

    We play this game to immerse ourselves in a world of colorful characters, escaping for those moments the chaos, drama and personal problems that any number of us are facing at any given moment. It should be a retreat, a respite. When you invite players from the game to become a part of your real world, messages become mixed, lines become blurred, personal investments become greater and it becomes incredibly hard to discern your personal feelings from those feelings that your avatar would or should be feeling in any given situation.

    When your friends know every single character you play, they become, without realizing it, more prone to favor, seek out, prefer and open to those characters. When you know every single character a player plays, you become more likely to dislike those characters if you dislike one of the players characters, or even the player themselves. When you constantly and consistently blur the lines between OOC and IC, you blur the lines between yourself and your characters, and the waters are muddied.

    ICO is an immersive world. Please, let us all dive in, fully and without OOC prejudice, OOC motives, OOC ties and blurred lines. Make the distinction between yourself and your characters, and I promise you...the experience will be better for everyone.

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    Bravo. <3
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