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Plot Building - Looking for questionable characters

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  • Plot Building - Looking for questionable characters


    Staff has started to develop some plots that are of a slightly more devious nature and are looking for characters that may be of questionable morals/ethics or at the minimum neutral. We are looking forward to speaking with those looking to explore a new avenue of RP for themselves or the more established characters that have for a long time, endevoured to explore this avenue of the game.

    If you may be interested in discussing some possibilities please contact StoryGuide Athos or StoryGuide Nonni in game.

    For those that have

    Thank you!!


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    I've got more free time coming in, and you know I've always loved the questionable aspect of this game.
    Madalina Blue and Saruno


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      Athos and Nonni will have an assist directed to their attention waiting for them.


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        Sorry for being a way for a...pretty long time I think? But yis-yis! Ey is most certainly of the most certain -not- the most questionable of ethics! No no, her ethics are spot on. They just...may not be the same as your ethics. Yis-yis. So count me in! <.< Though my job keeps me very...busy...lately. Probably forever long as I work for them. But I'll do what I can!