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Staff Policies - Moving from the Forums to the Knowledge Base

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  • Staff Policies - Moving from the Forums to the Knowledge Base

    Fellow Roleplayers,

    In our constant search to make things 'easier' for players we are going to start migrating game policies to the new website under the Knowledge Base (KB) area under the Support drop down.

    Our intent is to make a singular location for all official policy that is easily accessible to users and does NOT require searching through the forums and being confused by potential conflicting information.

    In this effort, we will be grabbing key topics and slowly combining them into articles which should provide the clarity on game policies and general information. In the event that there is a conflict between what is posted in the forums and what is in the article listed on the Knowledge Base the Knowledge Base will take precedence. That said... if there is a bold conflict or we just missed something, let us know as these are fluid documents which will reflect the most current policy. For now, in applicable 'source' forum posts we will provide a redirection note and may (probably way in the future) be taking those post down (or moving to an archive) to eliminate confusion.

    We still invite conversation about policies and questions in the forums as most change in the game comes from your feedback. As policies do update, we will make posts to the forums to make you aware.

    The link to the KB is attached.

    StoryGuide Athos

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    Pregnancy information has been moved to the knowledge base. Please refer there for the most updated staff guidelines.