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    Due to some OCD on my part, we have changed the military ranking titles. This has been implemented for a month or so and bad on me for not making this post earlier. This change did not effect the numeric rank that players have been advanced to via the favour system excepting 'Worn' titles, if they were high enough to 'wear' one.

    The intent of this change was to make the title progression more in line with 'traditional' military rankings. As an example, in most systems a Sergeant Major is the most senior 'enlisted' or blue collar rank. Someone with this rank would not have been senior to Captain which is generally considered an 'Officer' or white collar rank. We also tried to align the ranks with their civilian counterparts so that the 'officers' or 'noble' ranks started at the same point. Example - Knight is the first noble rank, whereas Lieutenant is the first officer rank. Historically, the officers would also come from the nobility (or folks wealthy enough to buy a commission) so this made sense... in our minds at least.
    Rank Civilian Rank Old Military New Military
    1 Slave None None
    2 Serf None None
    3 Freedman None None
    4 Yeoman Private Private
    5 Burgher Lancepesade Lancepesade
    6 Thane Lance Corporal Sergeant
    7 Gentry Ensign Sergeant Major
    8 Armigerous Gentry Lieutenant Chief Warrant
    9 Knight/Dame Captain Lieutenant
    10 Baronet/Baronetess Sergeant Major Captain
    11 Baron/Baroness Brigadier Major
    12 Viscount/Viscountess Major Colonel
    13 Count/Countess Marshal Brigadier

    Example 1: You were an Ensign which is rank 7 and has the civilian equivalent to Gentry. With the change, you are still a rank 7 but your rank is now Sergeant Major.

    Example 2: You were a Sergeant Major and at Rank 10, the civil equivalent to a Baronet. With the change, you are now ranked as a Captain. You should now have Captain as a title option.

    We did NOT adjust the favour points required to move from one rank to another.

    We have been doing spot checks to ensure that folks titles changed but if you see or know of an issue for yourself or someone else, please @ assist.

    SG Athos
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    I appreciate the rework.

    Not the least of the reasons why being the normalization of rank titles.

    The old one was a mishmash of navy and army ranks and looked a little tacky. The new pure army version looks neater.