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2019 = Looking Back & Looking Forward

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  • 2019 = Looking Back & Looking Forward

    Happy New Year!

    As we enter the very beginning of a New Year, I wanted to take this time to not only reflect on what we've done, but also look forward to what we will work toward. But first allow me to thank each and every single one of you. For coming on this journey with us, growing with us, learning with us. Pushing, pulling, testing, understanding and working with us together on this journey. It hasn't always been easy, it won't always be easy. But together, despite this being 'just a little game', we will continue to work toward something great. It's greatness comes from the fact that this is, above and beyond any other label, a community. Our community. And we're in this together.

    Here is my hope; may we continue to work and grow and learn together. Onward and upward to adventures great and small.

    Looking Back

    2018 started out with a change in the Game Direction and that direction hasn't changed much since then. We are still dedicated to getting back to basics and finishing off the plans and projects that went to the wayside over the many, many years of ICO's history. We made great strides toward pulling the theme back in line with the original source material provided to us by Sanguine Productions through the licensing agreement we have with them. Also part of the Game Direction was a desire to finish projects and plans that are core to the game and how it should work. In 2018, we have;
    • Hosted a number of OOC Community Meetings to discuss the game principles and source material
    • Built and released about half a dozen new places for people to explore and use as the setting for their stories, including rentable warehouse spaces for people in guilds to use and share with others
    • Secretly spruced up a number of other locations to add more flavor and paint the setting in a more accurate light
    • Have fixed innumerable bugs, including but not limited to those related to gardening and plants, craftable items and game mechanics
    • Updated the favor and promotion system behind the scenes to improve functionality and scope
    • Updated muggers and NPCs to work more fluidly and logically within the setting
    • Published roleplay guides, knowledge base articles and improved the @help system to be more intuitive and easy to access
    • Released a brand new website to modernize and optimize the pages for ease of access and availability of information
    • Added the ability for players to add and manage events on the website home page to better advertise IC events and happenings
    • We've streamlined and added a number of items to multiple crafting databases, while adding new options such as engraving databases, custom engravings, custom sculptures, custom paintings and custom embroideries.
    Looking Forward

    2018 was a big year, wasn't it? I guess we have some work ahead of us to match and exceed what we accomplished so far. And what better time to plan for the future than on day 1 of a brand new year! This list is not in priority order and we cannot place a deadline on any one project, given the fickle nature of life and what it chooses to throw our way. This list serves more to bring you into the fold and act as a promise that while it might not LOOK like we are doing anything at any given point, we ARE working toward improving this game that we all know and love, making it bigger, better and more fun for everyone. What we hope to achieve in 2019 is;
    • A new and improved character generation that aims to make the game more immersive from the beginning while also giving players the ability to better customize their character's skills, careers, appearance and backstory.
    • A series of multiple starting quests for players new and old alike, so that each and every person who logs into ICO can feel immediately secure in knowing not only game mechanics but also game lore, source material, setting, theme and the systems that complement those things.
    • A complete and comprehensive overhaul of the career and skill systems to ensure that every career is perfectly balanced and every skill within those careers is implemented and functional.
    • A thorough and exhaustive revitalization and expansion of the setting, including but not limited to setting-appropriate and immersive areas, emits, items, functionality and reach.
    • An overhaul of crafting careers as well as a comprehensive and dynamically leveling consignment system to level the playing field and ensure that no player of a crafting career will ever find themselves without a way to be successful.

    Phew! We've got a lot to do! And I couldn't be more excited about it! Every step we take brings us closer to the vision that ICO aimed to embody and with your patience and understanding, your creative spirit and your amazing sense of community and collaboration with one another, we know we can make so many amazing things happen this year.

    Love always,
    SH Roo and SH Topsy

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    Thanks for allowing me to be part of this! <3



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