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Character Generation Overhaul

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  • Character Generation Overhaul

    Character Generation has been rewritten to include several exciting new features. The goal with this change is to make character generation a more immersive process as well as to align ICO with its source books.
    • More options to help define backstory including First/Last names, age, birthplace and rank.
      • Birthplace - choose one of four territories that your character is from. Your character will be fluent in the chosen territory's affiliated language.
      • Rank - By default, everyone can start the game as a freedman. If you've purchased a stp noble package, you will have more rank options available to you. For example, if you purchased a knight package, you will be able to create a knight ranked character. Once your knight is created, you will not be able to create another knight character unless you purchase another knight package or delete your current knight character. This only applies to characters whose ranks were purchased with stps. If you have purchased a noble package, the rank options will not be visible until you contact staff for us to add these options to your account.
    • Better starting items and clothing. You will start the game with props related to your chosen careers and you can choose the type of outfit you want to start the game with.
    • Specialized races were removed (ie. you can choose to be a horse but not draft horse)
    • The agility stat was removed and will has taken its place.
    • More diverse race/appearance options based on account type.
    Please contact staff via assist if you run into any issues.

    SH Roo

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    how does will work?


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      I'm messing around with character creation. It seems tons of creatures will no longer be able to be made. No more bears, armadillos ect.? Also, it says string-willed for an option in attributes, the second box. Am I correct to assume that currently the only use for will is for @roll stuff?


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        I found the answer. There's a help button in character creation.
        "Will: Stubborness and determination. Characters with high will can absorb more damage in combat."

        Also interesting that mind will help crafters, it seems to say.
        "Mind: Smarts and wit. High mind characters make excellent craftsmen and traders."



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