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  • Clothing Trade In & Buy Back

    We will be phasing out a number of the clothing items from the game as part of our push to make things more period-appropriate. To help with this, I am offering two options for any of the garments listed below: 1.) 50 denarii per garment in the form of a promissory note, or 2.) a replacement garment of your choosing from the same category as noted in parentheses. Anything that seamstresses and tailors can make that is not a guild-specific item is fair game. The replacement garment will be identical in color, material, and quality to the original. Please send the original garment(s) to me (Kjell) through the courier with a scroll indicating which option you would like. Garments sent in unsigned packages and/or without a scroll will be discarded.

    flared pants (pants)
    waterfall pants (pants)
    short skirt (skirt)
    mermaid skirt (skirt)
    side-split skirt (skirt)
    side-tied overskirt (skirt)
    side-split overskirt (skirt)
    flared skirt (skirt)
    butterfly hat (hat)
    nebulae headdress (hat)
    half-shirt (shirt)
    gypsy shirt (shirt)
    bustier (shirt)
    backless blouse (shirt)
    nighty (shirt, pajamas, chemise)
    tutu (dress, gown)
    thigh-length flocculent tutu (dress, gown)
    strapless dress (dress, gown)
    strapless split-front dress (dress, gown)
    woven bandage dress (dress, gown)
    overlayed tulip dress (dress, gown)
    filigreed slinky gown (dress, gown)

    Edit: I have added "pattern mock-up" to the end of all of the items listed above. You should be able to target them as such to help you in locating them (ex: flared pants pattern mock-up). Also note that there is no limit to the number of items that you can send in.
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    StoryBuilder Kjell

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    All of the listed items will now appear as tattered scraps. You may still send them in to me as outlined above. The full list of seamstress options can be found here and here (you are not limited to only the base item in parentheses, but it must be an option from that category).
    StoryBuilder Kjell