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Allegory of Empires: Features, Highlights, & New Releases

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  • Allegory of Empires: Features, Highlights, & New Releases

    With the release date of Allegory of Empires creeping every closer, we will be compiling all of the information about changes in this thread so that you know what to expect (and we don't forget anything by the time the release date rolls around in a little over a week). Keep an eye on this thread; we will update it with additional projects and updates as they are completed.

    Note: The game will be in beta at the time of the transition from Ironclaw. You may encounter unfinished areas, bugs, or other missed things. We will continue to work on these, but it may take some time. We appreciate your patience. If you see anything left over from Ironclaw, such as animal NPCs, animal emits, or other references to Ironclaw lore (ex: place names), PLEASE @assist from that location. If you are unsure whether or not something is Ironclaw-related, @assist just to be safe. Likewise, @assist if you run into any bugs/typos/et cetera. I'm aware of which areas are missing mini maps, so there is no need to alert us for those.
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    New Skillset: Weaver
    The weaver sub-class has been added to the tradesman class. Weavers will be able to spin raw fiber into yarn, then weave the yarn into fabrics that can be used by seamstresses. As with all skillsets, you will be able to work with different fibers and yarns at different skill levels. Tools will be required for both spinning and weaving, which have been added to the carpenter sub-class. Study schematics for these tools are available for sale in the game.
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      New Skillset - Herbalism

      We have created a beta test version of the new herbalism skill. Herbalists are those with advanced knowledge about the practical usage of plant materials in healing as well as other aspects.

      Some examples of items you will be able to craft in the future; medicines, poultices, salves, poisons and antidotes

      Gardening is now a general skill that anyone will be able to learn regardless of their class and is used in the practical sense of growing high quality plants and produce. They will retain the ability to make simple pastes and teas. More complex recipes are handled by herbalism, which is a class specific skill.
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        New Location: Unfurnished Apartments
        I have added a number of unfurnished apartment units throughout the game (and will continue to add more as time permits). They vary in size and cost to rent. The keys for these units can be acquired from one of the NPCs in the trade house on Via d'Acqua. The rooms in these units are generic and completely empty aside from things like walls, floors, ceilings, and windows, so you will be able to decorate them however you see fit.

        Note: We may offer the option in the future to have custom mini maps made for storypoints once I have more free time, but today is not that day.

        Update: This NPC will not be placed in the trade house until after we have an opportunity to review income.
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          New Feature: Sharing Rooms
          You can have duplicate room keys made for any rooms that open with a key. To do this, get a key to the room in question, i.e. the one you are already renting, from the NPC who offers that key. Use the key to unlock your door, and the key will be marked to open your door going forward. Please note that anyone in the possession of the key will be able to open your door, so be careful whom you give your key to. Staff will not be retrieving keys from other PCs, and we do not currently have an option to have your locks changed (we plan to implement this eventually). The only way to disable the key right now is to return the room and rent a new one.
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            New(ish) Skillset: Bookbinder
            We have a new sub-class under tradesman for creating books and other paper goods. All of the books from the scholar career have been moved to this skillset, and I have added various types of stationery to this skillset as well. Reams of paper can be acquired from the NPC in the stationery shop on Via Ovest (command for paper: cut my paper). Colored scrolls will no longer be available through your guilds or through NPCs. Instead, you will have to get them from a bookbinder, who can use any of the regular dyes in the game to dye the paper. Paper goods can be embossed, including custom embossings. Bookbinders will also be able to create a box of 50 scrolls to save on time. Embossings applied directly to the box will transfer to all scrolls taken from the box (command: pull my scroll box).

            Note: If you paid tokens for custom scrolls for your guild, you will be reimbursed in coin.
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              New Location: Stables
              A public stable has been added outside of the palace on Strada Principale. It has two stalls that function like private rooms in which you can keep your mounts.
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                Update: The Severed Tail
                The Severed Tail has been split into two separate inns. One has the themed rooms, and the other has the two regular rooms. Both inns are located on the southeastern side of town.
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                  Update: Houses & Embassies
                  The existing noble houses will be changed to the following (to no one's surprise, hopefully):

                  Avoirdupois - France (embassy located on Strada la Libreria)
                  Bisclavret - Scotland (embassy located on Via di Dio)
                  Doloreaux - Germany (embassy located on Strada Lavorante)
                  Rinaldi - Italy (palace located on Strada Principale)

                  Two more noble houses have been added:

                  England (embassy located on Via d'Acqua)
                  Spain (embassy located on Piazza Colosseo)
                  StoryBuilder Kjell


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                    New Skills: Lipreading & Eavesdropping
                    Lipreading and eavesdropping skills have been added to certain sub-classes. Lipreading (command: lipread roo) will enable you to understand parts of whispers. The amount that you'll be able to understand will vary based on your skill level. When the skill is maxed, you will not be able to read 100% of every whisper. Likewise, you can only listen to one person at a time, and you will stop lipreading if you go idle for a certain length of time. Lipreading is invisible, so your target will not be able to tell that you're lipreading. Eavesdropping works the same way, except it allows you to listen to an adjacent room (command: eavesdrop on south exit).
                    StoryBuilder Kjell


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                      Update: Healing
                      The healing system has been modified to be more RP-involved. To begin the healing process, you will diagnose the person (command: diagnose roo) to see their stats, which will show hunger, poisoning, injuries, and other things. If a body part has an injury, you can diagnose that body part (command: diagnose roo's right bicep), which will show you how to treat the injury. Different injuries will require different forms of treatment, such as cauterizing, bandaging, stitching, et cetera. Injuries have a chance of becoming infected.

                      More types of wounds have been added to better reflect combat. Complications and treatments will vary based on the severity and type of wound. Wounds will get worse over time if left untreated.

                      We plan to add more features to the healing system in the future, including medicines, broken bones, and treatment for comatose patients.

                      Note: Because magic has been entirely removed from the game world, resurrection will no longer be an option. Characters will go into a coma if they sustain too many injuries or otherwise leave things untreated. Your character will not die under any circumstances unless you explicitly consent to death. Death will be permanent.
                      StoryBuilder Kjell


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                        Update: Languages
                        Languages will be scaled to 24 instead of 8 for fluency. Your existing levels in the regional languages will scale accordingly (3 levels for each existing level, i.e. level 6 will become level 18). Animal languages will be removed. New characters will start with fluency in one language depending on the chosen home location during character generation.

                        Regional languages will be converted:

                        Akoman - Arabic
                        Eastern - French
                        Northern - German
                        Old - Latin
                        Southern - Italian
                        Western - Gaelic

                        You also have the ability to write in languages. To do this, switch to the language that you want to write in as though you were going to speak it (command: @speak french). Anything you compose while the language is toggled on will be written in that language. Your ability to read and write in the target language will be based on your fluency in the language. This should not affect your ability to address or sign things.
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                          New(ish) Location: Abbey
                          l'Abbazia di San Francis has been added on the northeastern side of town on Via Nord. It includes two private rooms that can be rented by members of the church.
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                            Update: Inn Rooms
                            Inn rooms that did not use room keys have been converted to the key-based system. This affects rooms in The Copper Claw (western half of The Severed Tail), The Florentine Bed & Breakfast (eastern half of The Severed Tail), and Alloggi di Anasette (The Gilded Balance).

                            This will allow you to do a number of things:
                            1.) You will be able share rooms via keys (see post #5 in this thread).
                            2.) You will be able to stop renting rooms that you previously could not stop renting.
                            3.) You will be able to rent more than one room in a location without having to return a different one.

                            If you are renting a room at one of those locations and do not have a key for it, you should be able to get one from the NPC and follow the duplication process outlined in post #5 to make one for your room. Additionally, if you want to return a room and do not have a key for it, you should be able to follow the duplication process, then offer the key back to any of the PCs who give out keys. Please note that all items inside of a room will be permanently deleted when you return the room, so double and triple check that you did not leave anything behind. Staff cannot recover these items.
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                              Update: Private Rooms
                              Private rooms have been transitioned over into the Allegory world:

                              The Severed Tail (west side) - The Copper Claw Tavern (on Via lo Est)
                              The Severed Tail (east side) - The Florentine Bed & Breakfast (on Via Governo)
                              The Gilded Balance - Alloggi di Anasette (on Strada Minuto)

                              The warehouse on Dock Street is now on the western end of Via d'Acqua. The embassy rooms are still in their respective embassies (see post #9 in this thread).
                              StoryBuilder Kjell