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  • In combat, you will now be offered dodge and parry actions.
    These are good to use, if your PC parries, they will get a bonus in future when trying to hit their opponent. If a PC dodges, they will get a bonus in future when trying to damage their opponent.

    Both bonuses will last until you successfully hit the opponent.
    This means you can use the bonus, and hit the opponent as soon as possible, or you could pass on opportunities to hit the opponent, instead dodging and parrying, in an attempt to do that huge fight-ending hit.

    The better your PC is at dodging the more often you'll be given the chance to dodge. Similarly, the better your PC is at parrying the more often you'll be given the chance to parry.

    The bonuses from doing multiple dodges or parries do add together.

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      After staff discussions about 'effect' colors, such as shadowy, glistening, glimmering, etc, it's been decided that any such adjectives will be discontinued outside of plot rewards or storypoint purchases. This is to ensure they are kept rare and special, not to punish anyone. The items you currently have that were done in these shades you can keep. I'll be swapping out the dye mixtures with effect names in them with replacements, so you'll be losing shades, but gaining new ones also. Hair textures will be impacted too, as I swap in appropriate ones for those that might not be so realistic.

      In regards to imports, you won't be able to import rare or magical dyes either, nor import fabrics with rare or magical colors on them.

      Hopefully this doesn't bother anyone too badly. Characters can already be heavily customized without fancy adjectives attached to their clothing and hair. And, if there's an adjective you can't live without, you can always pay storypoints to get it.

      StoryBuilder Nyx


      • Finished a big bug-fixing update. It won't look like much, but many of the older items that were erroring out should now be fixed.

        These include crafting, the faire games, the flowers, and musical instruments.
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        • Your guild inventory should no longer show "empty" items.
          Once you've removed the last item, the entry will vanish from the inventory list.
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          • There are now two new OOC chatlines for the game.

            When players first log in (or next log in, for existing PCs) they will be added to the @new chatline.

            Anyone can turn on the @chat chatline.

            the @new line is so that we (both players and staff) can greet any new arrivals to the game, and give them help if needed.

            the @chat chatline is for any OOC conversation amongst the community. Feel free to turn it on or off, depending on your preferences. Feel free to chat about whatever you want on it, as long as the conversation isn't offensive to other staff. Please don't share IC information over the chatline (or through any other non-IC method.)

            commands are:
            @chat on
            @chat off
            @chat 'Hi everyone
            @chat who

            Please note that other players will be able to see who is on the chatline. So if your PC is wearing a disguise, they will see "a masked woman" etc. on the chatline. It's up to you, but you might want to turn off the chatlines before doing anything sneaky.

            Also, the chatlines are character-by-character. So if I logged in as Azrael and turned on the chatline, other players would see "Azrael" talking. If I logged in Bob, I wouldn't see the chatline, because it's not turned on for Bob. If I did turn it on, other players would see both Azrael and Bob talking.

            If I wanted, I could set it so ALL my PCs show up as the same name. What I'd type is:
            @chat secure
            If I typed that when in my Azrael body, from that point onwards, whenever I talked on the chatline, regardless of which body I was using, it would show up as Azrael.

            That is really useful to avoid confusion, if I'm switching between playing different PCs. But it's really bad if I'm trying to keep my alts a secret. So make your own choice whether to use that feature or not.
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            • PCs that die & are resurrected will now find themselves weaker than before.

              All their attributes (body, speed, agility, mind) will be two lower than before.

              - No attribute will drop below 1.
              - Dying multiple times doesn't increase this penalty. The attributes will stay at two-lower-than-their-original-value no matter how often a PC dies and is resurrected.
              - This penalty is not permanent, but does last approximately three months.
              - There may or may not be a way to get this penalty removed in-game. If there is, we're not telling what it is.
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              • New command: @event

                This command lets players announce that a pre-created event is going to start. It also lets them announce when the event has started.
                More details here:
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                • Starting PCs should now begin in the Newtown inn, rather than in Docktown.
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                  • PCs can now try and identify who wrote unsigned scrolls (and potentially other types of writing)

                    command is:
                    compare my 1st scroll and my 2nd scroll

                    If successful, they will be told whether the writing matches.
                    If unsuccessful, they will be told the writing doesn't match, or if they rolled particularly badly they might be incorrect told it matches.
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                    • The "pay" command has been upgraded to include "pay recall"

                      Paying other PCs remains as before: pay 5 denarii to bob
                      Viewing payments that have been made can be done with: pay recall

                      Only payments made AFTER this update will show up in pay recall.
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                      • Mount Update
                        (This information is also available via the in-game help command: ? mounts)


                        Mounts in Ironclaw are used to travel from point A to point B and can come in a variety of forms. Living mounts (such as destriers and jennets) are useful when traveling by foot while nonliving mounts (dinghys, small boats) are useful when traveling by sea. The command usage is the same for all types of mounts.

                        MOUNT SYNTAX: mount [mount], dismount [mount]

                        A character who is mounted and logs out/disconnects will be automatically dismounted. If the disconnect occurs in a water room (only accessible by boat), the character will be moved to shore, but only if the boat has moved locations when the character returns.


                        LIVING MOUNTS

                        Types of living mounts include destrier and jennet. They can speed up a character's travel time when leaving the city and some can carry more than one passenger.

                        Required Equipment:

                        * Saddle - required for mounting.

                        * Bridle - required to attach the reins to.

                        * Reins - required for controlling the mount.

                        Other Equipment:

                        * Saddle Bags - a container that can be worn by the mount.

                        REINS SYNTAX: attach [reins] to [bridle], release [mount] from [reins]

                        OTHER EQUIPMENT SYNTAX: attach [equipment] to [mount], take [equipment] from [mount]

                        Note that only owners can equip a mount but anyone is capable of taking items from a mount's saddle bags.

                        Once the reins are attached to the bridle, the mount will follow whoever is in possession of the reins. Others may mount the creature but they will not be able to control the mount's movements without the reins. Logging out or disconnecting while holding reins will result in the reins being dropped in the environment--but ONLY if the reins are attached to a mount.

                        Hitching posts can be used to immobilize a mount.

                        HITCHING POST SYNTAX: tie [reins] to [post], take [reins] from [post]

                        Once a mount is hitched, it can only be retrieved by the owner or the person who tied it there.

                        These types of mounts can only be purchased with storypoints (cost of 300).


                        NONLIVING MOUNTS

                        Types of nonliving mounts include dinghies. They can speed up a character's travel time when leaving the city and some can carry more than one passenger.

                        These mounts are already equipped with what they need to function and assuming control is done by grabbing the 'control' detail (i.e. dinghy's rudder, ship's wheel). The first person to board this mount will automatically assume control and controls can be passed by having someone else grab the detail.

                        SYNTAX: grab [mount's control detail]


                        GENERAL NOTES ON PROXIMITY

                        When mounted, proximity is restricted to other passengers and anyone/anything within proximity of the mount itself. The only exception is the controller who is about to move freely about a room.


                        • Map Updates

                          Several missing maps were redone and added to the game world. A big thanks to StoryTrainee Griff for getting this done!

                          Maps include: orphanage main room, orphanage office, Docktown infirmary main room, Docktown surgery room, gaol office, gaol strong room, gaol courtyard, gaol training courtyard, gaol barracks, Newtown barber shop, guild council main room, guild council meeting room, and cathedral chapel

                          Use the @assist command to report other missing map fragments


                          • Stable/Dock Masters

                            The stables next to the Gilded Balance Inn have been equipped with a stable master and stable boy. The stable boy sells all the equipment you may need for your mounts. The stable master will handle the stabling and retrieval of your mount. To stable your mount, use the syntax 'return mount' while in the same location as the stable master. You will be charged a 1 denarii fee per day that the mount is stabled there. To retrieve your mount, use the syntax 'ask stable master' to be given a list of mounts you have stabled. Then click the one you want to retrieve OR use the syntax 'ask stable master for name'.

                            A dock master has been place on the pier south of the Sailors Guild and operates in a similar was as the stable master except he handles boat mounts (dinghies or other small vessels). Small boats can be purchased via the storypoint command for the same cost as mounts.


                            • Plant Updates

                              I've updated the plant/planter code slightly to make plants easier to interact with. When planting something in a planter, that planter will now accept the snames and adjectives of the thing you are planting. So let's say you have a room of 10 plants and want to harvest a rose from your rose bush. Rather than look at each planter to find out which one has the rose bush, you can simply type "harvest rose bush's flower" and it will target the correct planter.

                              In addition, if you need to remove a plant from a planter, you can just type 'dig rose bush'


                              • Plant Updates

                                The previous plant update has been removed as it was causing more issues than expected.

                                I have also added code to show the look/examine of a pot's plant when you look/examine the pot itself.

                                Unfortunately plants will need to be replanted for these changes to take effect.