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  • @toggle tips

    We will be starting the process of adding in-game help blurbs when examining objects. Everyone will have this feature enabled by default. To disable it, use the command '@toggle tips.' You can also use this command to re-enable tips.


    • Locksmith

      The locksmith will once again make copies of keys. Just OFFER the key and follow the prompts on the screen.


      • Rentable Warehouse Spaces

        Warehouse space is available for rent at the Guild Admin building by asking the admin for a warehouse lease (she will hand you a key). To get to the warehouse from the Guild Admin building, go southeast and then east. The door will be to the northwest.

        * Only guild leaders can rent a warehouse. Houses cannot rent these spaces however.
        * Unlocking the door with the key will register a warehouse to the guild.
        * The guild kitty will be charged rent daily for this space.
        * Anyone with a key to the warehouse can enter the warehouse (copies can be made at the locksmith shop).
        * The upstairs room is completely customizable and you can add a lock to this room to limit access.
        * The door WILL NOT close behind you. If you do not close the door, it will remain open until someone closes it. It does auto lock so need to lock it after the fact.
        * You can knock on the door for a specific person and anyone in their guild warehouse will hear the knock. Opening the door from the inside will also open the door from the outside allowing visitors to enter without having to follow.
        * Failure to pay rent will result in immediate eviction. Contents will be moved to the leader's room. If there is no leader, everything will go to the donation box.
        * It's worth repeating again to make sure you close the door behind you whether you are entering or exiting your warehouse space.


        • Keyrings

          You can now use your keyrings to unlock doors or other locked containers eliminating the hassle to target the proper key.

          Syntax: unlock door with my keyring

          Obviously, you have to have keys in your keyring for this to work


          • Update to @patron command

            You can now use the @patron command to remove patrons and proteges.

            To remove your patron:
            @patron remove patron

            To remove a protege:
            @patron remove protege 'Bob'

            You will receive a @yes/@no prompt and that's all there is to it!


            • We have removed the following verbs from the database, for which we apologise. We are nearly maxed on socials and need to make room for more usual ones to be added in the future.



              • I changed all the foreign language names of props and furniture in the manors back to English. If I missed any, please feel free to let me know!


                • I forgot to mention this to everyone when we did it originally;

                  you can now ADD chairs, stools and benches to tables.

                  Why is this cool?

                  When you add the chair, it becomes a detail of the table. What does that mean? a) It is no longer cluttering the room with two million other things. b) You can sit in the chair and already be in proximity to the table, so every time you pick something up, tap the table, put something down, you won’t move out of the chair. c) It removes the item and stores the information, by extension also potentially removing the load on the game and the spam in rooms and possibly this will help with minor lag spikes.



                  • New Website

                    Our website has a new look! You will need to update your bookmarks to

                    As a test features I have enabled the ability for you guys to create web accounts for the purpose of posting comments and adding events to the event calendar.

                    If you run into any issues, let me know ASAP via @assist or forums.



                    • Crafting Updates



                      • Muggers