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Ironclaw Online Rules & Guidelines

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  • Ironclaw Online Rules & Guidelines

    Hi guys,

    Well, as the game is growing, and becoming more stable, it's become time to post some rules. These rules aren't intended to restrict you or reduce your fun, just to make sure that everyone has a clear idea of what is expected from them.

    As this is still alpha, these rules may change. We also welcome player comment and suggestions.

    1. You must abide by the Skotos Terms of Service (which you agreed to when you signed up for your account)

    2. You are expected to follow the instructions of staff. If you have a problem with the instructions you have been given, you may discuss them with a storyguide.

    3. Even if not breaking a specifically listed rule, any intentional or malicious actions by players to circumvent or lie to the staff shall be dealt with accordingly. Although guidelines are just that, intentionally and wilfully ignoring or breaking from them may result in consequences.

    4. Child characters (characters that have not gone through sexual maturity) must be approved by a valid staff (currently Death, Lalita, Gaia, or myself) - they must also have their animal type changed to indicate that they are a child, so all other players can see that they have been approved.

    5. Any sexual roleplay should not happen with players who have not consented to that roleplay (either by actively roleplaying their character into the situation, or by OOC consenting) and any sexual roleplay should be kept away from public areas so as not to inadvertantly include non-consenting witnesses. No sexual roleplay whatsoever must happen with or between child characters. Before engaging in any sexual roleplay, use the @checkage command to verify that the other player is over 18 years old.

    6. Multiple trial accounts used by the same player are not allowed. If you wish to play more characters than your account allows, please speak to the staff, and an arrangement can be made. If a player is found to be using multiple trial accounts, all but one of the accounts will be banned from the game indefinately. If the player has a paid account, the paid account will be left, and the trial accounts will be banned. If all accounts are trial, it is up to the staffs discretion which account is left. If this is repeated, all accounts may be banned. If multiple players at the same location wish to use seperate accounts (as they should be doing) this is acceptable, but please mention this to the staff so they know.

    Please note: Mutliple PAID accounts are allowed. Characters across different accounts must still abide by alt-interaction rules.

    Other rules:
    Alt-interaction rules
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    We have now entered the Beta stage of Ironclaw Online. These rules and guidelines still apply. These limits are to ensure the enjoyment of all players and the continued success of the environment as a whole.

    Disclaimer: Rules & guidelines subject to change at any time with or without notice.
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    Originally posted by Plato
    Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.


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      We have internal staff documents about what happens to players, and when.
      We are, in no way, interested in punishing players. We would much rather encourage, and we really want a cooperative environment. No staffer signs up so they can be a policeman.

      Having said that, it is sometimes necessary to enforce consequences for certain actions. We have a staff document that we all follow, to ensure that everyone is treated exactly the same, and there is no favoratism.

      Depending on precise circumstances, the usual process is:
      1) Warning - The player is asked to stop doing whatever destructive behavior they were doing. Where possible, ill-gotten gains are removed. Where that isn't possible, other benefits may be removed. We will attempt to make things "even" if possible, so there was no gain for the destructive behavior.
      2) Temporary suspension - After a player repeats destructive behavior after being asked not to, they may be suspended. The suspensions may be for a set time limit, or the player may be given some task that will help the game, and the suspension will last until they complete the task. The intention of giving tasks is to make the player feel that they are part of the game community, and contributing to the community rather than being destructive
      3) Indefinite ban - On the third situation, the player will be banned indefinitely. There will be no time limit on the ban, and if the player wishes to return, they will have to contact the staff and request that the ban is lifted. There is no guarantee that the ban would be lifted, and it is only likely to be lifted if there is a good reason why the players behavior will be different (considering this is the third significant offence)

      We will not be springing surprises on players. If you commit an offence worth being suspended for - you will know what you are doing. We will explain exactly what you did wrong, and it will be a repeated action that you committed after you had been previously warned, or it will be an action that is obviously not tolerated.

      As stated above, we do not wish to punish any players. That's not what we're here for. It is, unfortunately, necessary. We need to protect the players that do act cooperatively, and ensure the game is fair. We also need to protect the player community, and remove destructive influences.

      It is my sincerest wish that this post is entirely unnecessary, and that we will not need to punish players. In the situations when we do, we want to ensure that everyone is treated exactly the same, and as fairly as possible.

      Thank you.
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