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  • @storypoints

    It was the title of the thread that caught your eye, wasn't it? So many players have plagued us with these questions. We have settled on a few opening offers.

    1.) These are the current available options. More will be forthcoming. @idea your thoughts on anything new and exciting you wish to see available.

    2.) First I will make a quick list of choices and costs for reference purposes.

    3.) Beneath it all will be disclaimers, limitations, important information. Read this thread thoroughly before making a request.

    All requests can be made from within the Ironclaw Online environment via the new @storypoint command.

    • Add your pcs scent to current item - 5 SPs (this can be things like pillows, blankets, clothing, etc, but it can only be the default smell your pc currently has on them)
    • Add new detail to current item - 60 SPs
    • Add description change to current item - 30 SPs
    • Purchasing and adding gems to items - 150 SPs
    • Custom basic material - 100 SPs
    • Purchase a generic pet - 150 SPs (Includes simple creatures like insects)
    • Custom special material - 300 SPs
    • Custom basic dye - 100 SPs
    • Custom special dye - 300 SPs
    • Purchase a unique/custom pet - 300 - 500 SPs (dependent upon quality/level of code required)
    • Purchase a hunting bird - 300 SPs
    • Mount - 300 - 600 SPs (dependent upon the quality/kind of mount)
    • Complete custom item - 100+ SPs (includes your choice of material/color in item)
    • Baby Prop - 500 SPs (is not a required purchase to RP pregnancy)
    • Increase the quality of an item by 1 point - 25SPs (newly created STP items begin at quality 6 - good quality)

    • Alter rooms appearance - 150+ SPs
    • Renovate room with items purchased IG - 15 SPs per item
    • Integrate a new object into a room - 10 SPs
    • Purchase an extra room (Married Couple) - 500 SPs

    • Add a custom tattoo - 50 SPs (these are tattoos that will not be usable by others in game and can include names; purchased directly from staff, no pc tattooist)
    • Add a custom tattoo - 30 SPs (custom; designed by pc tattooist)
    • Add a tattoo to tattoo DB - 15 SPs (added to DB; designed by pc tattooist)
    • Additional character slot - 400 SPs
    • Add a nickname - 10 SPs
    • Pregnancy/belly modifications - 30 stps per alteration (generally 3 alterations are given, and must be paid for up front, for a total of 90 SPs)
    • Custom gait - 30 SPs
    • Add a custom speech verb to your character - 30 SPs (this will change the generic verb 'says' to another verb like 'purrs')
    • Custom smell/scent - 30 SPs
    • Add an adjective to a body part - 30 SPs
    • Rewrite a single body part description - 75 SPs
    • Add a new body part - 150 SPs
    • Add a detail-related line to body description - 15 SPs
    • Add a custom line to body description - 30 SPs
    • Complete Body Overhaul - 400 SPs

    Animals Available for SP Purchase
    • Elephants - 220 StP
    • Giraffes - 200 StP
    • Bats - 1000 StP
    • Cheetahs - 260 StP
    • Lion - 260 StP
    • Lioness - 260 StP


    Now for the Important information:

    • Add detail to current item - This allows you to add a basic detail to an item you already own. Included in this cost is adding the mention of the new detail in that item's look and/or examine description. An example would be: Initials on the cuffs of your shirt or scars across your cheek.
    • Alter description to current item - This allows you to alter the description of a detail to an item you already own. An example would be: Adding an adjective to a wooden box such as crushed or splintered.
    • Purchasing and adding gems to items - Staff will create a gem of your choice to be added to a pre-existing item of your choice.
    • Custom basic material - This includes any normal material that my not be available easily within the world or offered yet at all. An example is polyester.
    • Purchase a generic pet - This includes creatures like insects, fish, and small reptiles. They respond to perhaps a handful of commands and come with a living environment. (Fish bowl, terrarium, etc)
    • Custom special material - This includes unique uncommon materials such as spidersilk or shadow or luminescent. It is at the discretion of the staff to determine if the request is "special" or not.
    • Baby Prop - If you are RPing pregnancy, you may wish to purchase a baby prop. These are 500 SPs per prop, so if you're having twins or multiples, you will have to pay 500 SPs per child to have them to interact with in the game world. These are not mandatory purchases for RP, purely optional.
    • Custom basic dye - Basic colors not available in the game world or hard to come by such as Pearl.
    • Custom special dye - Unique uncommon colors such as Sequin gold or flame or night. It is at the discretion of the staff to determine if the color is "special" or not.
    • Purchase a unique/custom pet - These include larger creatures that might be tamed that have been seen IG, or creatures of your own design that are realistic to own. Cost increases based on health, color, and coding complexity.
    • Purchase a hunting bird - This includes those that were previously only available through an NPC. Hawks, falcons, and other birds not yet built may be available.
    • Mount - You may purchase a dray, destrier, jennet, or cumal. Cost increases with state of health and color choices. Ie, a 300 SP mount may be ragged and dull in color, while a 600 SP mount may be in its prime and vibrant.
    • Complete custom item - A unique item of your own design created by staff and handed to you. It must fit the era and gameworld as best as possible. The cost can go up depending on the work required to make it.

    • Alter rooms appearance - Change the look and examine of a room you own. This is an alteration of the entire room, rather than just a single detail in it. New items can be added, the description can be re-written and old items can be removed. Cost depends on the complexity of the request.
    • Integrate a new object into a room - Set a new object in your room, make it immobile, add the fact that it exists to the overall description of the room. This might include a chest of drawers, wall mirror, etc.
    • Renovate room with items purchased IG - This includes changing out the old sheets on your bed for newer, pc-made sheets, new pillows, etc. For larger changes, like walls, lumber can be purchased IG and turned into boards by a carpenter. These boards (should equal 10 cords of lumber) can then be sent into a builder to renovate the walls or the floor, etc.

    • Additional character slot - One additional character slot is added to your roster. If you move between a basic or premium Skotos subscription, this slot will remain active for you in Ironclaw Online only. There is currently no limit on the number of slots you may purchase.
    • Add a nickname - Add a new name that your character will respond to (but won't be displayed) - the name may be refused if staff don't find it appropriate, it may conflict with other names, or staff think it has no bearing on your character's current name.
    • Custom smell/scent - Add a new base scent to your body. It must be in good taste.
    • Pregnancy/Stomach Alterations - While pregnant, the body undergoes changes which are shown through SP purchases. You are required to purchase a minimum of two alterations up front, for a total of 60 SPs. You may purchase three if you desire, but no more than this. The duration of pregnancy in ICO is 6 months, so be sure to spread out your alterations appropriately.
    • Add an adjective to a body part - Add a single adjective to any part of your character. Examples would include bewitching eyes, buff abs.
    • Rewrite a single body part description - Completely rewrite the description of a single body part.
    • Add a new body part - Add a whole new body part to your character. It must fit the setting and although fantastical must appear possible. This is at the discretion of the staff.
    • Add a detail-related line to body description - You may add a line to your basic body description to include a single body part. This allows you to add focus to this body part when other players look at or examine you. It must be based on a detail you already have.
    • Add a custom line to body description - This allows you to add single custom line at the end of your examine or look description. It does not have to relate to a current detail. It is freeform writing such as Death is a.... Droplets of water fall from his wings as they are hammered by the warmth of day.
    • Complete Body Overhaul - You may add up to 15 adjectives to 15 seperate body parts. This includes an additional line to your main look and examine description that can be customized and freeform. Freeform is limited to the additional lines only and not to any specific in-line description. The freeform line cannot force a feeling, reaction or contradict the gameworld and its systems. This limitation is to allow for constant affects from the gameworld to still alter your main description as needed. This purchase must be made in one single transaction.
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    • Add a title - You may purchase a title for your character. This does not include titles of nobility, which come with promotions to noble ranks - see the noble package - but DOES include other titles, like "master", "swordsman", "doctor", "father", "smith", "guildmaster", etc.
    • The Noble Package - Rules: You must be the correct animal type for Nobility, you must belong to one of the Great Houses, You may not be the member of a Guild. You are granted a title up to and including Viscount/Viscountess. Must be a new character. You are offered higher legal protection: They cannot be held in prison, they must be turned over to another noble for judgment, they are protected by their House, they are granted higher rights than peasants. (More is to be added to this package as it becomes available. It will also be added to anyone who purchases the package prior to any additions.)
      See this thread:

    NOTE: We will take care of the requests in order as best we can. This may not always mean that since Person A ordered it before Person B, they will get it first. It depends on the difficulty of the request and the skill level of the staff available. We will touch upon every request though and inform you of progress, if you ask nicely. However, do not spam us with requests on progress. You will receive politer responses by waiting patiently and merely checking in a weekly basis. ALL requests are at the discretion of the staff. You will be informed if they feel it needs to be altered or cannot be granted at all.

    Disclaimer: @storypoint options and limits are subject to change at any time, with or without notice. New SP options are in Bold

    Add a tattoo - For 50 storypoints you can add a custom tattoo to your body without using another PC to do it. No other players have to be involved, and you receive no discount for inclusive roleplay. For 30 storypoints, you can contact a pc tattooist and have them work on the tattoo with you. They must submit to staff the request for the custom tattoo in order for you to receive the 20 stp reduction in cost. This is a reward for inclusive roleplay. Your custom tattoo is added to the generic database along with all the other tattoos; however, your name is attached along with a small description of what you're getting. Eg: backfairy-nyx. This lets the pc tattooist know that it's a tattoo placed on the back of a fairy, and it was designed only for me. Depending upon the complexity of your request, you may have to seek out a higher ranking tattooist than the one you originally selected, or wait for them to level up to provide you with what you desire. (Clarification due to recent queries).

    Purchase a disguise - For 300 storypoints, you can purchase a custom disguise item such as a cloak, mask, or other garments. You will receive 1/2 off the price (150 stps) if you use a clothier in game to design it for you. Staff reserves the right to refuse a garment if it's not period-appropriate, but will take all requests into consideration.
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      You may now purchase ranks for your characters regardless of how long you have been playing them. This is how it works:

      You have to have a patron/sponsor at least 2 ranks above you. This person will use storypoints to purchase your ranks and be your sponsor. You can have your own storypoints transferred to said person for the purchase, but once they go to said person they are theirs, and not yours, so make sure you trust whomever is sponsoring you. At any time they can revoke their sponsorship and/or demote you up to however many ranks they have purchased on your behalf. If you type @rank you can see who your loyalty is set to and what rank you hold with each of the Houses and/or additional guilds like the Constabulary, Church, VP criminal organizations, and so on. Your promotions can be split however you want them, though we assume most people will stack them toward where their loyalty lies to achieve the highest ranks. If at any time your sponsor revokes their sponsorship of you and you become demoted, your stps will not be returned. These purchases are non-refundable, regardless of the circumstances.

      The cost per rank can be found below, and of course the RP that will go into getting a patron/sponsor. Someone can also volunteer to patron/sponsor you and pay their own stps to have you elevated if they want to. You can only be promoted one rank per month, and only by those 2 ranks above you, so after gentry rank, you're going to have to look for Baronets or higher to accommodate you.


      It is still cheaper to purchase a gentry character at chargen, or even a Knight character as opposed to this route, but it gives players the opportunity to build loyalties and alliances IG and 'earn' their ranks through storytelling.

      ** Those who have purchased with stps before the edit of this post won't have their sales taken away, but in the future, only one promotion every 3 months can be purchased per individual being elevated. This means if Lou is elevated to yeoman in January he can't be elevated to the next rank by using stps until April.
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        Effective as of this post, there will be new policies in place for promotions purchased with storypoints.

        First, the number of storypoints needed for a promotion will increase by 20 with each rank. The scale is as follows:

        Freedman (3) to Yeoman (4): 50 storypoints
        Yeoman (4) to Burgher (5): 70 storypoints
        Burgher (5) to Thane (6): 90 storypoints
        Thane (6) to Gentry (7): 110 storypoints
        Gentry (7) to Armigerous Gentry (8): 130 storypoints
        Armigerous Gentry (8) to Knight (9): 150 storypoints
        Knight (9) to Baronet (10): 170 storypoints
        Baronet (10) to Baron (11): 190 storypoints
        Baron (11) to Viscount (12): 210 storypoints
        (and so forth)

        Second, the time window between promotions will also be scaled. New characters will not be able to be promoted with storypoints until 3 months after creation. The ranks up to and including gentry will have a 3 month waiting period between promotions. Armigerous gentry, knights, and peers will have a 6 month waiting period. The scale is as follows:

        Freedman (3) to Yeoman (4): 3 months
        Yeoman (4) to Burgher (5): 3 months
        Burgher (5) to Thane (6): 3 months
        Thane (6) to Gentry (7): 3 months
        Gentry (7) to Armigerous Gentry (8): 6 months
        Armigerous Gentry (8) to Knight (9): 6 months
        Knight (9) to Baronet (10): 6 months
        Baronet (10) to Baron (11): 6 months
        Baron (11) to Viscount (12): 6 months
        (and so forth)

        Third, new characters will not be able to sponsor other characters for storypoint promotions until 3 months after creation. This will also apply to newly returned characters. They can still patron through the favor system during this time.

        You will still be able to gain promotions through the favor system. There is a 1 month waiting period between promotions gained this way. Please note that if you accept a promotion through the favor system, the 1 month waiting period will also apply to storypoint promotions. For example, if you take a favor system promotion to yeoman on May 1st, you will not be able to get a promotion to burgher with storypoints until June 1st.
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