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    I've made some updates to chargen.

    People were having problems when picking specific variations of a species and then the colors for that not matching. Now, when you go to make a gray fox, you will have gray fur color options instead of every other color under the sun. Hopefully this is true for all variations, but if you run into one that hasn't been dealt with, please toss me an assist and I will take care of it.

    While I was in there, I added more color variations to the fur choices for different animals. They aren't extensive lists, but at least have a bit more flavor than the usual black, white, and brown. I also made sure that tigers/tigresses and any other animals that might have dual colors were set up for that.

    Also, starter items seemed to be completely random for the careers that were chosen. I found out that's because half of the careers were never set in the starter system to spawn things, so the system reverted to giving out pincushions and looms. You should now see something appropriate in your inventory if you've chosen careers. If you don't, it will still give you something random. If you choose two separate careers, I'm not entirely sure how it works. If anybody does that, assist and let me know if you got something appropriate for one of them, at least.

    StoryBuilder Nyx

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    Toygers still aren't set up for dual colors in the chargen. Any chance this could get fixed? Everyone knows how awesome toygers are.

    And it means future toyger players will not have to pay STPs to have their toyger's fur modded from single colors, unlike me.

    Also; awesome work as always Nyx!