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Clothing Orders: Taimyre Trades

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  • Clothing Orders: Taimyre Trades

    I am back in town and taking clothing orders. All orders containing at least one fall or winter color or fabric are 10% off through the end of this month.

    Colors include: All blacks, dark blue, deep indigo, frigid teal, frosted cerulean, ice blue, midnight blue, navy blue, shadow-lit blue, smoky blue, ghoulish green, midnight green, silvery sage, wintergreen, winter moss, rich toffee brown, spiced rum, warm mocha, silvery grey, storm grey, autumnal gold, pumpkin-colored, dark purple, dusky violet, iced plum, indigo purple, blood-red, burgundy, cranberry-colored, crimson, dark scarlet, dark wine-colored, holly red, maroon, oxblood red, ruddy red, wine,

    Fabrics include: brocade, faux fur, felt, flannel, samite, velvet, wool, woolsey

    Rare fabrics include: bronzed chocolate flannelette, russet fleece, sapphire floral brocade

    Write me!

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