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  • Kyla's tattoos

    (below is a huge list with sketches)

    Below are available tattoos I can do. Write to Kyla to set up appointments.

    10 denarii

    Tattooed with a butterfly with outstretched wings. It symbolizes transformation, rebirth, and the beauty of life.

    Cherry blossoms:
    Tattooed with a string of cherry blossoms. The fragility of the cherry blossom represents the fragility of existence, a brief period of life and implacable movement toward death. It is a symbol of individual and perfect beauty.

    Concentric target:
    Tattooed with a small target made from a series of concentric rings surrounding the number one.

    Crescent moon:
    Tattooed with a crescent moon.

    Tattooed with a simple daisy with elongated pale petals shooting forth from a patterned yellow center.

    Four-leaf Clover:
    Tattooed with a pair of four-leaf clovers with interlaced stems. Traditionally a symbol of good luck, each leaf represents one of four concepts: Love, Faith, Hope, and Luck.

    Tattooed with a large-leafed lily, spreading petals wide open.

    Tattooed with the word 'Semper', meaning forever in Matriloquendi.

    Semper vester:
    Tattooed with the words 'Semper Vester', meaning forever yours in Matriloquendi.

    20 denarii

    Bear claw:
    Tattooed with a bear claw. This is a symbol of power, both literal and spiritual, and is a portrayal of the strength of an animal itself and it's ability to draw energy from supernatural realms.

    Tattooed with a majestic windmill symbolizing the Bisclavret insignia.

    Flying bat trio:
    Tattooed with three bats flying in succession through a breeze represented in shaded, wavy lines.

    Hammer and rod:
    Tattooed with a set hammer striking an orange-hot iron rod on an anvil.

    Mining picks:
    Tattooed with two mining picks, crossed.

    Tattooed with a metallic gold plow. This metallic gold plow is shown in profile while being slightly tilted up as if in use.

    Tattooed with a pomegranate. A vivid red, smooth fruit attached to a small sprig of leaves. It is generally believed to represent righteousness and prosperity.

    Repense Zodiac:
    Tattooed with a downward pointing sword, symbolic of the Repense Zodiac.

    Tattooed with a black skink posed in an S-shape on four legs.

    Special Anchor:
    Tattooed with an anchor and bat wings. A rusty brass anchor perches atop the backbone, framed by a myriad of little bat wings.

    Tattooed with a full-bodied tulip, its petals beautifully formed.

    35 denarii

    Tattooed with an asclepius wand, a symbol of the medical profession. This serpent-twined staff represents physical healing.

    Tattooed with the Awen, or rays. It is a glyph of three vertical lines of light converging at the top, and represents spiritual illumination and harmonious balance.

    Barb wire:
    Tattooed with a long, twisting section of barbed wire, criss-crossing occasionally.

    Black wolf head:
    Tattooed with a black wolf head portrayed howling toward a distant, full moon. Beneath are tattooed the words UNTO ONE KIN, UNTO ALL.

    Tattooed with a vivid red heart pierced with a dagger. This tattoo essentially represents the heart in great pain, perhaps due to mortal wounding, love betrayed, or even a sacrifice made.

    Tattooed with a dove with delicate grey plumage. It is a symbol of love, tenderness, peace and tranquility.

    Tattooed with a hexagram, or six-pointed star. The number six represents balance and beauty, while the upright triangle represents fire, and the upside-down triangle is the symbol for water. Together these markings symbolize the unity of opposites.

    Tattooed with an octogram, or eight-pointed star. The number eight represents completeness and the regenerative cycle.

    Tattooed with a pentagram, or five-pointed star surrounded by a circle. The number five represents the Earth, and the points stand for the four elements and our spirit.

    Phelan swirl:
    Tattooed with a rolling, swirling pattern. The Phelan believe that this pattern represents the wild motions of life and the hunt.

    Religious hand:
    Tattooed with a hand with three fingers raised. It serves as an ancient talismanic way of averting the evil eye and providing protection.

    Tattooed with elaborate scrollwork cascades over and along the body part.

    Tattooed with a shaded tuatara. This lizard-like creature boasts patterned scales, a long, thick tail, and a spine laced lengthwise with sharp points.

    50 denarii

    Tattooed with an anchor comprised of light blue ink and edged in red. In maritime lore, this symbol represents the success of a seaman upon the ocean. It is said to guarantee stability and security in the physical world, and, by extension, also steadfastness, hope, and trust.

    Avoirdupois prayer:
    Tattooed with an ornate bastard sword with tip pointing down bearing an aged maple rosary wrapped around the cross-guard which forms an infinity symbol. Super imposed on either side of the blade are two rearing destriers, one white and the other black. In a circle around the whole thing this prayer is written, 'Oh, great radiant Light that shines upon us, may you illuminate my path and ensure that my sword rings true against the enemies of your divine plan'.

    Avoirdupois toile:
    Tattooed with a complex toile that cascades downward to seamlessly flow into a rearing blue destrier at the center.

    Tattooed with a single hammock floating on the wind between two massive oak trees. Just before the hammock a pond has a few lily pads floating on the inked surface. A ghost image done in grey overlaps the rest of the picture; the ghostly vision is two wolves in profile with their muzzles tipped up as if howling at a moon.

    Button rainbow:
    Tattooed with a rainbow comprised entirely of multi-colored buttons in various sizes whimsically strung together. The ends have been capped in white inked clouds heavily striated to give a textured appearance, not unlike that of cloth.

    Celtic knotwork:
    Tattooed with a series of interlaced patterns with unbroken lines colliding together to form a band of celtic knotwork.

    Tattooed with a pair of decorative, diagonally-crossed swords with spiraling silver hilts and ornate hooked guards.

    Tattooed with a vicious-looking pirate cutlass. It is a short, slightly curved blade, with a knucklebow hilt.

    Tattooed with a large dragon, rearing up on its back legs, wings spread and neck extended high.

    Doloreaux filigree:
    Tattooed with a stylized vine filigree that cascades downward to seamlessly flow into a large green tower at the center.

    Doloreaux prayer:
    Tattooed with two battle axes crossed at the hilt with vines dangling down from the blades. The vines come together under the blades to connect to a large lotus flower in full bloom. In the center of the flower a simple prayer is written, 'As above so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul'.

    Tattooed with hamsa, also known as the Hand of Fatima. In dark red ink a hand-shaped symbol with the evil eye on the palm is featured. The hamsa is used to ward off the evil eye and has lotus flowers, koi fish, and celtic knots drawn inside the hand to ensure protection.

    Heart locket:
    Tattooed with a heavily filigreed heart locket shaded in black and grey ink. The chain of the locket drapes upward in a delicate curl of links, while the center of the heart boasts a single skeleton keyhole.

    Peace dagger:
    Tattooed with an olive branch tightly wound around the handle of a simple dagger. The olive leaves face the sky while the dagger angles down. This represents the duality of their nature, if you want peace you must be ready for war.

    Tattooed with a rose head, decorated with a cluster of petals, framed by a leaf.

    Rinaldi arabesque:
    Tattooed with a fancy arabesque design that cascades downward to seamlessly flow into three purple scallop shells at the center.

    Scattered stars:
    Tattooed with a smattering of scattered stars in various sizes, simplistically whimsical in design.

    Tattooed with elaborate scrollwork cascades downward to seamlessly flow into a large red windmill at the center.

    Skull and crossbone:
    Tattooed with the skull and crossbones. The bones crossed underneath the skull appear to be femurs.

    Solar sun:
    Tattooed with a solar sun. Composed of an equal armed cross within a circle, it represents the solar calendar and the movements of the sun, marked by the solstices.

    Tattooed with entwining vines, twisting around each other in an intricate pattern.

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    65 denarii

    Barbed heart:
    Tattooed with a heart surrounded in barbed wire, with a depiction of S'Allumer in the center. It is a symbol of religious protection and faith.

    Butterfly in flight:
    Tattooed with a medium-sized blue and white variegated butterfly suspended in mid-flight. A thin, gossamer-like trail of silver dust has been intricately inked to flow whimsically behind it. This tattoo symbolizes transformation, rebirth, and the beauty of life.

    Celestial zodiac:
    Tattooed with white specked dots on a blackened sky. On top of the simple night sky a gold and purple circle surrounds a crescent moon inside a sun. The spikes of the sun point to twelve small zodiacs; a bow, a fish, a sword, a destrier, a chalice, a flying feathered lizard, a coffer, a spider, a scepter, a serpent, a scythe, and a comhach.

    Flame Dragon:
    Tattooed with a large black dragon, rearing up on its back legs with wings spread and neck extended high. Gouts of orange flames spout from its maw in harmony with its red eyes.

    Fleshy corset:
    Tattooed with a fleshy corset via ink. The back has been morphed into a life-like depiction of the garment. The seam of the corset runs down the spine with the strings of the corset loosened at the top as if coming off.

    Floral sun:
    Tattooed with a floral sun design. This tattoo uses a scrolled vine as a backdrop, framing and contrasting with the central sun image. The sun itself is also given a floral treatment, it's petals or rays, blown in the wind and turning over to show the yellow color of their underside.

    Full-rigged ship:
    Tattooed with a full-rigged ship. This piece of artistry represents the dangerous accomplishment of sailing upon the sea. The port ship light is red, and the starboard light is green to show the orientation of colors at night by which a sailor can tell if a vessel is moving toward them or sailing away.

    Gliding eagle:
    Tattooed with an elaborate gliding eagle. Detailed wings are outspread and heavily striated with contrasting black and white ink to suspend the creature in mid-flight. Its regal head and beak are upturned with wise, golden eyes focused skyward in an air of meditation or prayer. The talons are extensively shaded and loosely curled beneath the body of the creature to symbolize self contentment and spiritual protection.

    Tattooed with a labyrinth. An ancient symbol that relates to wholeness, it combines the imagery of squares and lines into a meandering but purposeful path. It represents a journey to our own center and back again, out into the world.

    Light protection prayer:
    Tattooed with a pair of aged hands holding aloft a white steel longsword with a semi liquefied black smoke dripping off the tip. The smoke morphs into the following protection prayer, 'Light watch over your servant, temper my will in iron and endow me with the mettle to stand against all adversity, for it is my blade that cleaves through the clinging dark in the hearts of men'.

    Maul smashing skull:
    Tattooed with a maul smashing a skull. Bone fragments have been inked tearing away to fly in all directions.

    Nautical skull:
    Tattooed with a blackened skull bearing a beard of tentacles. The top half of the skull is aged and cracked with a few barnacles attached to its cragged surface while the bottom half has a thick beard of tapering curled tentacles. Surrounding the skull is an antiqued compass rose complete with cardinal directions.

    Old salty:
    Tattooed with an aged bear outlined boldly in black ink with two matching eyepatches, hooked hands and peg legs. The name 'Ole Salty' has been scribed in large, blocky letters underneath.

    Peacock feather:
    Tattooed with a colorful and vibrant peacock plume. A large, deep blue eye bordered by a crimson 'eyebrow' has been inked in the center of the piece and is framed by feathery and fringed fingers in a slew of rainbow colors. They taper decoratively downward before ending in a gently curved point. It symbolizes creativity, spiritual evaluation, and rebirth.

    Sad panda:
    Tattooed with a sad panda. It has been depicted with a smoothly shaded white face, teardrop-filled dark eyes framed by rich black pools of fur, and faintly drooping round ears.

    Sea serpent:
    Tattooed with a stylized sea serpent. The sinewy creature coils its body in the shape of an S, with barbed points protruding from its snake-like form. Mariners often claim to have sighted such a creature.

    Spiked vine heart:
    Tattooed with an angled tip which slowly curls into a curvy heart. From the heart expands a black vine with leaves and spikes twisting about.

    Tree of life:
    Tattooed with the Tree of Life. It is depicted as a tall pillar of entwined branches, and represents man, the cosmos, and the roots of the underworld.

    Winged key:
    Tattooed with a delicate wrought iron key attached to two floofy, heavily-detailed wings.

    Winged rapier:
    Tattooed with a silver rapier with white wings attached and folded in the front.

    Wysteria vine:
    Tattooed with a heavy, twining, and decorative vine featuring large elaborate clusters of purple pea-like blossoms which hang downturned in an air of sadness. It serves as a warning of clinging too heavily with the heart, and understanding that love is the fruit, but our obsession with it can be as choking as the vine.

    80 denarii

    Eagle and snake:
    Tattooed with a battle royale. This is a classic design that represents opposing forces locked in combat. An eagle in mid-air with wings fanned out clutches a hissing snake firmly. These two together represent the forces of creation and fertility and the forces of nature which are ever in opposition but always in balance.

    Elemental koi fish:
    Tattooed with four koi fish swimming in a swirling pool of sparkling blue water. The first koi fish is bright red with a ball of fire surrounding it. Next is a dark blue koi fish with light blue swirls dancing around it. The third fish is white with black spots and is sitting in a fluff of clouds. The fourth fish is green with jagged boulders floating around it. The fish curve around each other to represent the balance of the elements.

    Heart lyrics:
    Tattooed with an oversized heart in mid-beat with a trail of staffs, brackets, and braces decorated in a myriad of clefs radiating from the center outward in a diagonal fashion. A wavy banner adorns the bottom of the heart ending in ribboned tails with the words 'Bumpbump da bump' inked along the length.

    Tattooed with a rosary, or chaplet. It is a string of beads grouped in five sets of ten, or decades, with a large bead separating each set. The beads culminate in a small medallion with Saint Helloise's picture and then a small string of one bead, three beads and one bead, at the end of which is suspended a small octagram of creation.

    Tattooed with a golden seahorse. The seahorse is tattooed in profile with shades of gold, pale and dark, giving shimmering depth to the ridges along its body. A symbol of bounty, it stands hauriant, spines emerging from its head and back like a mane. Its tail curls and wraps around the body, anchoring it.

    Tattooed with a triquetra. It is a tripartate symbol composed of three interlocked vesica pisces, marking the intersection of three circles.


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      100 denarii

      Abstract smoking pipe:
      Tattooed with a slender, feminine hand lightly shaded in muted grey and black ink lines. The fingers curl gently inward to grip a stylish black smoking pipe with an almost feather-shaped mouthpiece that lazily trickles a trail of swirling maroon smoke into the background. The bowl of the piece cradles a pale red heart comprised entirely of delicate rose petals that have gradually begun to overflow. A trio of these in various stages of openness and life hang suspended in mid-air, captured in their descent of the body. Overhead, a centrally positioned hazy red sun has been strung with flowing cursive letters that follow its circular border and read 'The Ones Who Got Away'.

      Child silhouette:
      Tattooed with a trio of child-sized silhouettes forming a haphazard pillar against the gentle glow of a starlit night sky like some ephemeral tapestry. The youngest figure balances on top of the obscure living ladder while futilely reaching for the brightest star at the center of a densely speckled wayward nebulae. Shining eyes glow with unspoken hope as fingers curl inwards, willing the ardent star into his open palm. The other two accomplices rest on hands and knees with the largest of the group on bottom, both reach out with splayed fingers, fingertips nearly touching the nearby twinkling stars that evasively dance from capture. For those who can connect the dots easily, the tranquil lilliputian stars in the dark velvety sky discreetly read, 'Never Stop Believing'.

      Everchanging tree:
      Tattooed with a center piece of a large, colorful tree. This tree represents the changing of the seasons via its shifting plumage of foliage. The left side of the tree is vibrantly alive and all green, obviously the leaves of summer. These leaves gradually change into bright shades of red and orange. The leaves of autumn are the most colorful, right as they fall into piles at the bottom of the tree. As more leaves fall the branches of the tree are left barren to represent the hibernation of winter. Soon enough bright pink blossoms start to dot the empty branches and eventually turn into a plumage of pink spring flowers.

      Tattooed with an extensively muscled and oversized grizzly bear with razor-sharp teeth parted in a roar. His face has been tattooed to depict an ornate death mask and is scrunched with ferocity allowing the majority of his scars to stay hidden from sight. He's clad in a black textured loincloth secured in place by a matching trophy belt adorned with a skull overflowing with crimson blood. His claws are blood-stained, and his rust colored fur has been methodically highlighted with blood-colored ink lines. An intricate series of tribal symbols and swirls radiate outward from the sides of his body.

      Tattooed with a massive hybrid creature. Half skeleton, and half octopus, it stares menacingly into the unknown through large, round orbs which have been darkly shaded in rings along the outer rim and then wind inward into an almost luminescent white. Sizable oblong ears set with gridded holes grace each side of the head, allowing the creature to hear passing ships and other water disturbances. The skull itself is comprised of two sets of six bones situated horizontally against one another, and decorated on the right and left by glowing balls of light. Eight bubbled and bony tentacles lash outward from the beast in a three-dimensional manner, sinking into the skin in random places and almost seeming to disconnect before emerging from a nearby piece of flesh mere inches away and continuing downward into the tips.

      150 denarii +

      Custom designs exclusive to an individual, not shared city-wide. Price will be determined based on complexity of design, time necessary to complete it, and ink usage. (OOC: This cost is if kyla's guild has to spend tokens to have a design added, not if you spend the tokens yourself)

      OOC options:

      Add a custom tattoo - 30 SPs (custom; designed by pc tattooist) - will also cost 100d or less in game (depending upon complexity of description)
      Add a tattoo to tattoo DB - 15 SPs (added to DB; designed by pc tattooist) - will also cost 50d in game