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    Since All Hollow's Eve is coming up I will be hosting seamstress bells more often and accepting orders for costumes.

    Most orders will take me three days to complete so please keep that in mind for procrastinators.

    If you send me your order I will not accept it if it's vague in any way. I need to know what you want made, in what color and fabric and if you wish embroideries. If you desire a meeting with me to go over details please give times you are able to attend.

    To help you get started with this years costume below is a few lists. I will be posting colors and fabrics i have available at another time,

    Thank you for your business.

    eye-mask, mask, full mask

    angelica, bumblebee, butterfly, cherub, comedy, comhach, crow, dragon, dragonfly, fairy, falcon, gorath, ladybug, humming bird, mermaid, peacock, pigeon, sea-serpent, seahorse, shark, skeleton, skink, spider, tiki, unicorn, vulture, witch doctor, flower--types borage, carnation, daisy, laurel, lily, sunflower, tulip

    wing patterns

    bumblebee drooping/wired
    butterfly patterned/wipsy
    cherub gold/whimical
    ladybug closed/splayed
    crow feathery/sleek
    dragon glistening/sinister
    dragonfly shimmering/transparent
    fairy delicate/fluttering
    humming bird decorative/small
    peacock fanned/wispy
    pigeon blacktip/outstretched
    vulture broad/trailing

    can those who fish please send me wads of fishing line please, i will of course pay you for your efforts.