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  • Kyla's mastered carpenter catalog

    Things that can only be made from wood

    Biclavret special-
    smoking pipe 3 units
    ladder 5 units

    Kitchen wares-
    Chopping board 3units
    Bowl 2units
    Plate 1unit
    Spoon 1unit
    pitcher 3units

    Club 1unit
    Sword 4units
    Truncheon 1unit
    Short Staff 1.5 units
    training barrel 1 unit
    shield (kite, tower, buckler, heater) 5 units
    dagger shealth 2 units
    scabbard (longsword, shortsword) 3 units
    longbow 3 units
    short bow 3 units

    Cup-and-ball 1unit
    Hobby dray 2unit
    Hoop-and-stick 2units
    Toy-top 1units
    rocking courser 3 units
    yo-yo 1 unit
    die 1 unit

    Carpenter stuff-
    Boards 5units
    Lumber box 2units
    Mallet 1.5units
    Plane 1.5 units

    Healing stuff-
    splint (arm tail leg) 1 unit
    Cane 2units
    Crutches 2units
    Peg 1unit
    Long Staff 2units
    surgical kit 3units

    Artist stuff-
    Paint-palette 2units
    Painter-kit 2units
    easel 2units

    clothier stuff-
    sewing box 2units
    dress form 3units
    mannequin 3units

    Bathroom Stuff-
    Backscratcher 1unit
    Comb 1unit
    Hairbrush 1unit
    Hairsticks (plain, serpent, paddle) 1unit
    folding screen 3units
    basin 2units

    Paneling 5units
    Shutters 3 units
    Sudares 3 units

    cradle 3 units
    crib 4 units

    settle 2units
    Chair (plain, caquetoire, watchman, rocking, curule, high-back, wing) 2units
    desk 3units
    table (plain, writing, nightstand, scroll, trestle, gateleg) 3units
    stool 1 unit
    footstool 1 unit
    vanity (dovetail, inset) 5 units


    Bookshelf 3 units
    Coat stand 3 units
    rack (plain, shoe, weapon, hat, wine, gun, armor, clothing, spool) 3units
    cabinet (curio) 4 units
    chest (plain, traveller, blanket, fabric cost 4, coffer, treasure, dowry) 3 units
    trunk 4 units
    cupboard 4 units
    dresser 5 units
    amoire 5 units
    crate(plain small medium large huge) 1unit
    flat box 2units
    bucket 2 units
    metal locker 6 units
    large barrel 5 units
    picnic basket 2 units
    cigar-box 2 units
    jewelry box 2 units
    tea caddy 2 units
    cubby (gem, hair, dye) 4 units
    case (display 5 units, scroll) 3 units
    wagon 3 units

    bangle 2 units
    rosary ring 1 unit

    Cot 2 units
    hat block 2units
    Fishing Rod 2 units
    hand fan 1 unit
    Mop 2units
    pattens 2units
    Mask 1 unit
    Figurine 1 unit
    Bead/button .5 units

    Things that can be made from wood or stone
    inkwell 2 units
    mortar 1 unit
    pestel 1unit
    bench 3 units
    chamber pot 5 units
    coffin 4 units

    Things that can be made from only stone
    platter 4 units
    chalice 2 units
    whetsone 1 unit
    bookend 5 units
    cherub urn 20 units
    statue 20 units
    flower pot 10 units
    leaf ewer 5 units
    quill holder 1 unit
    teacup 1 unit
    ashtray 5 unit
    fruit bowl 30 units
    plate (fish, carnation, square, petunia, clover, leaf) 10 units
    saucer (fish, carnation, square, petunia, clover, leaf) 5 units
    vase 5 units
    trinket box 15 units
    planter 10 units
    table 30 units

    Shapes for statues, figurines, masks, buttons, and beads

    statues- I can carve or paint if desired
    "ape" "badger" "bear" "bixie" "boar" "cat" "dog" "dragon" "fox" "helloise" "horse" "kitten" "mason" "mermaid" "rabbit" "wolf"

    Figurine/mask – (I can have these carved and painted if desired)
    "angel" "ape" "armadillo" "badger" "bear" "boar" "borage" "bull" "butterfly" "camel" "cat" "chicken" "circle" "comedy" "comhach" "cow" "daisy" "dog" "dragon" "dragonfly" "eagle" "ferret" "fish" "fox" "goat" "gorath" "horse" "hummingbird" "kestrel" "lion" "lioness" "lutara" "mermaid" "mink" "monkey" "mouse" "otter" "owl" "pigeon" "porcupine" "rabbit" "raccoon" "rat" "rhinoceros" "rodent" "shark" "sheep" "skeleton" "skink" "skunk" "sloth" "snake" "spider" "square" "squirrel" "star" "tiki" "triangle" "tuatara" "vulture" "weasel" "wolf" "wolverine" angelica, cherub, dancer, sea-serpent, tiger, vixen, leprechaun, polar bear, ram, dormouse, dray, witch, kangaroo, koala, platypus, helloise, mermaid, pegasus, fairy, falcon, unicorn, wizard

    "acacia" "acorn" "amaryllis" "anchor" "angelfish" "ant" "axe" "barrel" "beehive" "beetle" "berry" "bi-cone" "boat" "bottle" "butterfly" "castle" "caterpillar" "chrysanthemum" "cicada" "circular" "clam" "cloud" "crab" "cross" "dagger" "daisy" "destrier" "doughnut" "drum" "elliptical" "eyeball" "firefly" "flat" "frog" "gorath" "jellyfish" "lantern" "leaf" "lily" "lizard" "moon" "mosquito" "moth" "mountain" "mushroom" "nugget" "octogram" "orchid" "oval" "pillow" "pipe" "pistol" "rectangular" "rose" "round" "scorpion" "scroll" "seashell" "skink" "skull" "snowflake" "spherical" "spider" "spiral" "square" "star" "sunflower" "sword" "thorn" "triangular" "wasp" "windmill" angelica, cherub,sea-serpent, polar bear, ram, seahorse, unicorn, kangaroo, koala, platypus, witch doctor

    Common lumber available
    alder lumber 1 per knot
    ash lumber 1 per knot
    beech lumber 1 per knot
    birch lumber 2 per knot
    cedar lumber 3 per knot
    elm lumber 3 per knot
    hickory lumber 1 per knot
    juniper lumber 1 per knot
    mahogany lumber 2 per knot
    maple lumber 2 per knot
    myrtle lumber 1 per knot
    oak lumber 3 per knot
    pine lumber 2 per knot
    poplar lumber 1 per knot
    spruce lumber 2 per knot
    teak lumber 1 per knot
    willow lumber 2 per knot
    yew lumber 2 per knot

    Common stone available
    sandstone 5 per pound
    limestone 4 per pound
    granite 3 per pound
    slate 3 per pound

    Rare wood and stone available (limited supplies)
    quartz monzonite (99 pounds magnificent) 12 per pound
    3 driftwoods (3 cords each) 3 per cord
    driftwood (1 cord) 3 per cord
    butternut (6 cord exceptional) 13 per cord
    crystallized cherry lacquered mangrove (6 cords good) 13 per cord
    spalted tamarind (10 cords superb) 14 per cord
    scorched pewter-colored oak (2cords unsurpassed) 12 per cord
    marbled olivewood (10 cords exceptional) 15 per cord
    multicolored carob (10 cords outstanding) 15 per cord
    mangrove (6 cords exceptional) 6 per cord
    swamp blackened mangrove (10 cords unsurpassed) 15 per cord
    lacquered quilted obsidian (5 cords outstanding) 12 per cord
    lacquered purpleheart (8 cords very good) 13 per cord
    lacewood (10 cords poor) 11 per cord
    ironwood (10 cords magnificent) 14 per cord
    ironwood (4 cords superb) 14 per cord

    2 denarri extra for laquered used (plain, black, white)
    5 denarri extra for stains used ( red, green, blue, violet, dark, honey)
    15 denarri extra for rare laquered used (scorched pewter-colored, crystallized cherry)
    simple engravings and paintings cost 5 extra
    extravengant engravings and paintings cost 15 extra