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  • Nan's seamstress supplies

    Below is the lists of what dyes and fabrics available through Nan. I have been collecting these for a long time and as these are used and depleted they will be gone for good, as such the rarer and more difficult to make are more expensive.

    2 denarii: light blue
    5 denarii: cyan
    10 denarii: vibrant blue, cadet blue, sapphire, dark turquoise, cobalt blue
    12 denarii: blue-grey, baby blue, viridian
    15 denarii: aquamarine, royal blue, cornflower blue, blue-violet, teal
    20 denarii: azure, midnight blue, steel blue, cerulean, azure mist dye
    25 denarii: ocean blue, ice blue, chalcedony blue
    50 denarri: sparkling azure, shimmering blue-green, gliterry icterine, opaline waterlily blue

    2 denarii: light green
    5 denarii: olive green, bright green
    10 denarii: peacock green, vibrant green, sage
    12 denarii: viridian, chartreuse, apple-green, Light sage, mint cream dye, feldgrau dye
    15 denarii: emerald, jade, sea green, spring green, pearl aqua dye
    18 denarii: myrtle green, fern green, forest green, hunter green, pine green, spring green, lime green
    20 denarii: dioptase green, beryl green, midnight green
    50 denarii misty moss green, spritely speariment

    2 denar: light red, dark red
    5 denarii: crimson, ruddy red
    10 denarii: blood-red, rose red, vibrant red, maroon, rust red
    12 denarii: scarlet, strawberry red, dark scarlet, Pale rose-red
    15 denarii: blush-red, ruby red, falu red, holly red, cherry-red, red-violet, coquelicot dye
    18 denarii: cardinal red, carmine red, vermilion, cerise, cranberry-colored, lava-colored
    20 denarii: dark wine, garnet, Soft blush wine
    25 denarii pallid sanguine dye
    50 denarii resplendent ruby red, midnight ruby, raspberry glace

    5 denarii: pale pink, bright pink
    10 denarii: pastel pink
    12 denarii: soft pink, dark pink
    15 denarii: vibrant pink, carnation pink, hot pink
    18 denarii: fuschia, mauve, misty rose
    20 denarii: cherry blossom pink
    50 denarii rosedust, glistening cherry blossom pink

    2 denar: bright yellow, light yellow,
    5 denarii: flaxen yellow, canary yellow
    10 denarii: goldenrod, vibrant yellow
    12 denarii: gamboge, chartreuse, buff dye, arylide yellow dye
    15 denarii: cream
    20 denarii: sunglow, golden yellow, Pale amber
    50 denarii: gleaming gold

    5 denarii: pumpkin-colored, light orange
    10 denarii: vibrant orange, tangerine
    12 denarii: bittersweet orange
    15 denarii: peach, apricot
    18 denarii: dark coral-colored
    50 denarii: Golden peach blossom, warm ginger, aureolin apricot

    5 denarii: sable, wheat-colored
    10 denarii: sandy brown, maroon, hazel dye
    12 denarii: ecru, auburn dye
    15 denarii: cinnamon, rich brown, Taupe, golden brown dye
    18 denarii: dark chocolate, caramel
    20 denarrii pale amber
    50 denarrii coffee brown

    5 denarii: purple, dark purple, light purple
    10 denarii: lavender, plum-colored, bright purple
    15 denarii: violet, amethyst, lavender rose, orchid purple, indigo purple
    18 denarii: dusky violet, thistle, wysteria, pale violet
    20 denarii: lilac, lavender mauve, shimmering berry

    5 denarii: charcoal black
    10 denarii: ebony, sooty black
    115 denarii: jet black
    20 denarii: raven
    50 denarri blood black, twilight black, pearlescent black, silhouette black

    5 denarii: bright white, pearl, beige
    10 denarii: vibrant white, pearly white,
    15 denarii: alabaster
    20 denarii: pure white, pearl
    25 denarii: translucent, magnolia white dye
    50 denarii smokey white, iridescent moonglow
    80 denarii prismatic starlight

    10 denarii: silver
    12 denarii: copper-colored
    20 denarii: metallic gold
    50 denarii metallic

    5 denarii: grey, dark gray, slate grey
    10 denarii: ash grey
    12 denarii: lavender grey, blue-grey
    15 denarii: smoky grey, rose grey
    18 denarii: taupe
    20 denarii: storm grey
    50 denarii irisian grey

    rare fabrics are of varying quality and quantity and nothing maybe redyed. inquire about prices and availability.

    auburn cordovan
    blood black silk
    bright white tulle
    brilliant brickfire red samite
    bronzed chocolate flannelette
    cinder smoke batiste
    cocoa-colored broadcloth
    cocoa-colored leather
    coffee brown angora wool
    dark chocolate skink-hide
    electric blue slitheen scale hide
    foam white silk
    frosted berry cordovan
    frosted silver serpent hide
    gleaming gold muslin
    gleaming gold velvet
    glittery icterine checkery
    golden bourbon fleece
    golden peach blossom suede
    heavy red and silver plaid wool
    iced pink merino
    imperial purple pashmina
    madder red jamdani muslin
    magnolia white lawn
    metallic brocade
    midnight ruby damask
    midnight ruby lawn
    midnight ruby leather
    misty moss green silk
    misty rose poplin
    monochromatic lilac damask
    mystic blue chainmail
    opalescent blue silk
    opalescent pearl dragonfly-embroidered lutestring
    opaline waterlily blue batiste
    opaline waterlily blue brocade
    rainbow-colored leather
    resplendent ruby red leather
    resplendent ruby red muslin
    rich toffee brown velvet
    rose dust brocade
    rosedust brocade
    shimmering ice blue faux fur
    silhouette black leather
    silhouette black satin
    silhouette black velvet
    smoky ember coutille satin
    smoky grey steel chainmail
    snowdrop white pashmina
    snowflake-pattern smalt velveteen
    sparkling azure leather
    spitfire red samite
    spitfire red silk
    spritely spearmint leather
    sunburst muslin
    sunset violet himroo
    twilight black alligator skin
    twilight black mudcloth
    tyrian purple twilled wool
    virulent green gauze
    waterlily blue silk