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  • Guild counil meeting proposal

    I Hush Rose wish to call a guild council meeting. the date and time is subject to people's availability but the time frame i suggest is the 11-13 of this month sometime after 2 pm. if you are a guild councilor, house rep, church rep, constable rep, or interested guild or person wanting to learn about the guild council I implore you to write to me with your availibilty so a fixed date or dates can be set. by the seventh i plan on posting a more firm date and time.

    here are the subjects to be reviews and discussed. no vote this time.

    open forum to discuss what the guild council is, what it does, and how it is ran. allow people to ask questions and invite new guilds to apply for membership via interview.

    poor state of docktown--

    proposal 1- buying the tail inn. have the guild council purchase, fix, and upkeep the inn. in return any extra profit from rent gets split between all share holders or could go to the city via taxes

    proposal 2-fund raise. have the guild council coordinate multiple fund raisers for docktown projects along with compile ways to spend money earned from fund raisers.

    proposal 3-speak about taxes and paying constables and sentries to keep parts of docktown safe for all.

    proposal 4--investigate why mugger activity has increased

    thank you for your time and consideration,
    Hush Rose