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  • Guild council meeting

    The guild council will be hosting it's first open forum, no vote.

    All guilds and people are welcome to come learn more about the guild council and how it works and what it does.

    We will also be interviewing new guilds that wish to hold seats.

    To all guild councilors, we are seeking to be more active, and as such we will be talking about attendance and removing inactive guilds from the council.

    The last topic we will be talking about is taking ideas on future topics for the next meeting. If you have any concerns or ideas you wish the guild council to consider please attend this meeting or let a guild councilor know about your vision for newtown.

    This meeting will take place on the 12th of frost at night. --ooc November 12 at 9pm est.--- Hush Rose will be at the newtown courier to lead people to the meeting room in the palace 20 minutes before the meeting is to happen.

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