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Faithful Fashions and More: Dye pricing list.

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  • Faithful Fashions and More: Dye pricing list.

    Price List of Dyes:
    ***NOTE: The price is -per use-, not per bottle of dye.***

    free: blue
    1 denarii: bright blue, light blue, dark blue
    3 denarii: sky blue, cyan
    5 denarii: vibrant blue, cadet blue, navy blue, peacock, sapphire, turquoise, dark turquoise, cobalt blue, indigo
    7 denarii: blue-grey, baby blue, viridian
    10 denarii: royal blue, blue-green, blue-violet
    40 denarii: satiny blue(limited supply)

    free: green
    1 denarii: dark green, light green
    3 denarii: olive green, bright green
    5 denarii: peacock green, vibrant green, sage
    7 denarii: viridian, clover-green , chartreuse, apple-green, light sage, blue-green
    10 denarii: emerald, jade, sea green, spring green, mint green, pale mint green
    40 denarii: seafoam green (limited supply)

    free: red
    1 denar: bright red, light red, dark red
    3 denarii: crimson, ruddy red
    5 denarii: blood-red, rose red, vibrant red, maroon, rust red
    7 denarii: scarlet, strawberry red, dark scarlet, pale rose red
    10 denarii: blush-red, ruby red, red-violet
    40 denarii: blushed rose (limited supply)

    3 denarii: pink, pale pink, light pink, bright pink
    5 denarii: pastel pink, rose red, magenta
    7 denarii: soft pink, dark pink, dark salmon
    10 denarii: vibrant pink, blush-red, carnation pink, hot pink

    free: yellow
    1 denar: bright yellow, light yellow, dark yellow
    3 denarii: flaxen yellow, scuzzy yellow, canary yellow
    5 denarii: goldenrod, vibrant yellow
    7 denarii: gamboge, chartreuse
    10 denarii: saffron, cream

    1 denar: orange
    3 denarii: bright orange, dark orange, bright orange, pumpkin-colored, light orange, carrot orange
    5 denarii: vibrant orange, tangerine
    7 denarii: burnt orange, bittersweet orange
    10 denarii: saffron, peach

    1 denar: brown
    3 denarii: tan, light brown, brown, russet, dark brown, sable, wheat-colored
    5 denarii: sandy brown, goldenrod, sienna maroon
    7 denarii: beige, ochre, ecru, khaki
    10 denarii: cinnamon, rich brown

    3 denarii: purple, dark purple, light purple
    5 denarii: lavender, plum-colored, bright purple, indigo
    10 denarii: violet, amethyst, imperial purple, vibrant purple, lavender rose, orchid purple, indigo purple
    50 denarii: iridescent iris (limited supply)

    free: black
    5 denarii: charcoal black
    7 denarii: ebony, sooty black, dingy black
    10 denarii: jet black
    15 denarii: obsidian black
    20 denarii: raven
    40 denarii: midnight black (of limited supply)
    85 denarii: iridescent black (of limited supply)

    free: white
    3 denarii: grubby white
    5 denarii: bright white, pearl, beige
    7 denarii: vibrant white, pearly white, chalky white
    10 denarii: alabaster, ivory, frosted white
    40 denarii: pristine white (limited supply)

    7 denarii: bronze, silver
    10 denarii: copper-colored

    3 denarii: light grey, grey, dark gray, slate-grey
    5 denarii: ash grey
    7 denarii: lavender grey, blue-grey
    10 denarii: dusky grey, smoky grey, rose grey

    ~Miss Faith