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Grand Opening - The Guild Council Building

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  • Grand Opening - The Guild Council Building

    The Guild Council building is now open for business!

    What does this mean for you?
    Well, now all paperwork is kept in a centralized location (ooc: examine board) and can be accessed by everyone, and commented on by everyone. I mean EVERYONE. This means the people truly have a voice in council matters and it's less likely that something will fall through the cracks. Who likes cracks?? NO ONE! YUCK! Got a problem? Come down to the office and ask the secretary, Miss Delilah for a form.

    Wait, what forms???
    Membership applications, building requests, complaint forms... you can get them right here! Just fill one out and hand it to Delilah and she will get it filed away for you. At that point it becomes OFFICIAL council business.

    What does this mean for the council?
    More organization, that's for sure! With a more streamlined approach to meetings, they shouldn't take as long and should happen more frequently without depending on a single person to shoulder the responsibilities.

    Come on down and check it out! See what the Guild Council can do for YOU!

    --Master Ignacio