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  • Districts and Zoning

    An Overview of properties and zoning districts;

    Properties west of Central Avenue are zoned commercial/residential and currently all under private ownership.

    Properties on East and West Commerce Avenues are zoned heavy manufacturing due to their construction and proximity to water sources. Heavy manufacturing includes anything with high fire risk or needing large amounts of water. (Smithing, stone carving and grinding). These properties are under city ownership due to tax liens and foreclosure.

    Properties along Shop Circle and Merchant's Way are zoned commercial for their proximity to residential areas. These are also under city ownership for tax liens and foreclosure.

    Properties along Lumination Circle and Lavender Street are zoned light manufacturing. This includes seamstressing, wood working and jeweling. The reason for this is because noise and fire are not risks, but the dangerous nature of some dyes and lacquers, these items should be kept relatively separated from residential housing and customers for risk of unnecessary exposure. These areas are also under city ownership for public use.