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Guild Council Meeting - 12th Day of Night (ooc: December 12th)

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  • Guild Council Meeting - 12th Day of Night (ooc: December 12th)

    Unfortunately, we will need to postpone the Guild Council meeting to the 12th day of Night. We have a huge backlog of topics to vote on so I'd like to ask that all councilors submit their votes on these topics PRIOR to the meeting and we will use the meeting time to count the votes and also to go over current projects. You may vote: yes, no, or postpone topic (postponing means there is more information you need to collect before making a decision; please make efforts to collect this information before the meeting date and only postpone as a last resort).

    All information, notes, and opinions regarding these topics can be found in the guild council building. Since the drop box is still under construction, all votes can be submitted to Master Lothario or Master Ignacio.

    Building Proposals
    * Council-funded public ballroom for Newtown
    * Council-funded restaurant for Newtown
    * Council-funded coffee house for Northern Newtown
    * Council-funded cigar bar for Newtown
    * Council-funded guild hall
    * Council-funded child daycare
    * Moving the orphanage to Newtown
    * Council-funded smithy in Newtown
    * Council-funded carpentry shop in Newtown
    * Council-funded jewelery shop in Newtown
    * Council-funded stone mason shop in Newtown

    Other proposals
    * Should Market Circle be reorganized for better flow of traffic?
    * Should the Council address the issue of slave duties, behavior, and expectations?
    * Should the Council work with local shops to establish a consignment system to ensure steady workflow for independent crafters?
    * Should the Council devise a plan to ensure safe passage of goods through Docktown?

    After the meeting, we will be giving a tour of properties that are currently under the jurisdiction of the council and can be used for various building projects.

    Master Ignacio