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Mangrove Items for Sale or Trade

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  • Mangrove Items for Sale or Trade

    Frang has these for sale or trade to anyone interested:
    • Mangrove Cane - Unsurpassed Quality
    • Laquered Mangrove Chest - Outstanding Quality
    • Mangrove Hat Block (for making hats) - Magnificent Quality
    • Mangrove Sudare - Magnificent Quality
    • Mangrove Pattens (shoe soles) - Magnificent Quality
    • Mangrove Flooring - Average Quality
    • Mangrove Barrel (extra-large, for water or other liquids) - Average Quality
    • Mangrove Painter Kit - Poor Quality (contains mangrove palette - poor quality, mangrove easel - poor quality)
    • Mangrove Short Staff - Poor Quality

    Frang is the only Carpenter in Triskellian with Mangrove wood, cut and crafted by his own hand.

    If you are interested in seeing any of these, send a scroll to me or find Frang in person. Please do not send Frang any scrolls, or you will have to wait.

    Trades for goods of equal value are accepted.

    Shiva Alfarsi