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  • Infirmiry Hours and Rates

    *scrawled in a tiny and delicate hand*

    I am Eyriel, an apprentice healer of all sorts by trade. I will now be hosting Infirmiry hours on a regular basis. At least I will attempt too. I will be hosting them at the infirmiry in Docktown.

    For all injuries received as the result of muggers, there will be no charge. *scrawled in the margins you see a note CHECK ADDENDUMS*

    For injuries resulting from being stupid bloody morons the charge will be 2 pieces of silver for the bandage, 3 pieces of silver for thread, and 4 pieces of silver for aloe gel, if I possess any at the time. Paid in half before treatment, paid in half after treatment.

    For injuries requiring a house call as a result of a serious emergency, prices will be negotiated and paid -after- the crisis is over, and treatment provided.

    All members of the Koi are entitled to haggle on the pricing.

    All prices are subject to dismissal at my discretion, and to future changes which will be reflected on this board. Mostly because I will add more stuff. Probably. Maybe. We will find out as I get further along in my studies.

    May your Skies be Good, and your Winds blow ever at your Back.

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    *scribbled in a small and elegant script*

    Addendum: New Items and Prices thereof

    I am now offering the sale of healer masks, arm slings and eye-patches in case they are needed but I am not around.

    Eye-patches that are meant for decoration, as they are being used to cover an already healed injury, or just as a fashion accessory will cost 5 pieces of silver plus the cost of the fabric. Unless the fabric is provided by the one seeking purchase. Then it is just 5 pieces of silver.

    For patches meant for medical purposes, such as injuries, it is 2 pieces of silver plus cost of fabric.
    Note: Medical eye-patches that are used should always be burned as they are a health hazard.
    Further Note: For eye injuries that take longer then 2 or 3 days to heal the old patch should be burned and a new patch applied.
    Extra Further Note: For bulk buys of medical patches, I will knock of 5 pieces of silver for every 10th patch bought.

    On to slings.

    I will sell two kind of slings. Disposable and Renewable.

    Disposable slings are slings you can use and then dispose of without a second thought. They will cost 2 pieces of silver plus cost of fabric.

    Renewable slings are slings you can use, then send back to me, who will wash and sanitize them, and then return them to you. They will cost 4 pieces of silver plus cost of fabric and 1 piece of silver for every 5 washes. I WILL keep tally.
    Note: NEVER EVER try to clean and sanitize a sling without a proper healer. If you have a healer willing to clean and sanitize the slings for your, feel free.

    For those who want and/or need a healer mask but can not make one yourselves, I will also sell those too. 2 pieces of silver per mask plus cost of fabric.

    Consolidary Note: For all medical crafted articles noted here, the sling, eyepatch, and healer mask, I will offer discount in bulk. 5 pieces of silver for every 10th one bought. Emphasis on Bulk. In other words, they have to be bought at one time. In ONE purchase.

    May your Stars be Bright, and your Path ever Winding.



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      *scratches in a diminutive and elegant text*

      ADDENDUM: Mugger Injuries and prices.

      An incident occurred recently requiring this update.

      ALL USES OF ALOE GEL will cost 4 silver. Whether the injury is mugger caused or not.

      Any serious injuries resulting from muggings aside from bruising, such as broken bones, or dislocated joins will come with a cost of 2 pieces of silver per treated area.

      All injuries that are just simply bruises requiring nothing more then bandages, will be treated for free.

      Moral of this update, if you wish to fight muggers, do not be a stupid bloody moron and fight a whole bunch at the same time.

      Sky Bright