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    I asked the contestants of my tattoo apprenticeship to design a tattoo based on anatomy. Below are their submissions, please pick your favorite to help me decide later on.

    1. Severed Hand Tattoo
    A sketch below of a severed hand holding a dagger tattoo. The singed furred covered hand grips a dagger’s blade. The dagger pointed downward has red curves of blood dripping down it’s blade forming a tiny puddle of red below its tip. The hand consists only of a thumb, an index finger and a middle finger from the knuckle to the base. In the place of the ring finger and pinky you see the artist has sketched ghostly replacements as if they never were missing. Faintly etched on ribbons placed above and below the hand are the words” Live today, Die Tomorrow”.

    2. Pain Landmass Tattoo
    A sleekly built silhouette of a cat has been shaded delicately with a trifecta of colors. The muscle and sinew of the body fades gently under what appears to be a landmass, each area of the mass colored with a different shade. The red and orange areas seem to indicate the most delicate and painful places on the body, indicated by sweeping flames that drift away from the silhouette, a single emerald green fig-leaf hanging over the genitals of the subject with the word ~No~ neatly inscribed upon it. As the red fades to orange and then dips down into blue the less painful areas of the figure are revealed with gentle rolling waves and a tuft of cloud that obscures the barest portion of the left thigh. Finally a verdant sprouts of draping vines crawls from the sea decorating the body as the least painful sections are detailed, the vines crawling out over the upper arms finally before curling into them as if part of the underlying tissue.

    2. Muscle Bone Hand Tattoo
    The entire hand appears to be muscles and tendons that are tearing away from the bone. A few strands of skin appear to be what is left of the hand. You begin to wonder if it was an accident that caused this or perhaps a wound from combat. As you look closer you notice the shading and that the hand doesn't have any real damage.
    1. Severed Hand Tattoo
    2. Pain Landmass Tattoo
    3. Muscle Bone Hand Tattoo

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