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  • Doloreaux Guard Recruiting

    Are you interested in learning to fight?
    Do you feel a desire to be something worthwhile?
    Are you interested in service that bears great reward?
    Are you in the city and wondering what to do with your time?

    Write to me, Sir Trevyn Adalhard, of the Doloreaux Embassy. I am currently recruiting for the Doloreaux Guard. I can assure you that the service to a Great House's Embassy is without equal in reward. The familial bonds we forge here are life long and we always support one another. Honor, loyalty, and proud service is the way of life we strive for. I look forward to hearing from all interested applicants.
    Sir Trevyn Adalhard
    Knight of the Doloreaux
    Rittmeister of the Doloreaux Embassy Guard
    Recruiter of the Doloreaux Embassy