Do you love styling hair and fur? Does the sweet smells of soap from a fresh wash make you happy? Do you enjoy making others feel good about themselves?
If so, then I say you have potential to be a hairstylist!

My name is Lacey and I'm one of the many stylists in our great city of Triskellian. I make this posting to announce that I am seeking to fill my guild with hairstylists. This is a wonderful career for both women and men who love fashion, helping others, and working with your hands. However, while I seek members to fill my guild, I will also be willing to share my knowledge with those outside my guild. Below I will have more details, if you have any questions feel free to write me.

Benefits of Joining:
* Free styling lessons.
* Free materials.
* Unlimited practice.
* Daily pay.
* A circle of like-minded friends.

Furthermore, we are also seeking dyers to join and assist with mixing dyes. Lessons will be paid for as we can.

Outside Stylists:
* Paid lessons.
* Unlimited practice.
* A circle of like-minded friends.

The first ten lessons are free!

After the tenth lesson, all lessons will then be hundred denarii each. This may seem like a lot of coin, but as someone who used a guild teacher for every single lesson, this is extremely cheap. I would teach for free, but I fear I will need coin to support my guild and future members. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


~The purpose of this guild is to provide the highest quality of styles, colors and textures to all within the city.~
~We will always do our best to be a prestigious guild that caters to all who are in need of our services.~