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Guild Council Meeting - Twenty-Seventh Day of Yule

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  • Guild Council Meeting - Twenty-Seventh Day of Yule

    To the Guild Council, Denizens of the City, and Embassy Members,

    There will be a guild council meeting on Mercredi the twenty-seventh day of Yule in the year of 899 Apres le Miracle. This will be at the first late bell (1pm est - whatever time that is ig) and I will wait ten ticks for latecomers before we begin. We will be discussing the shops that were previously agreed on in the last meeting and working out how to execute them and which to start with next.

    Furthermore, we will discuss all guild applications and vote on them. I suggest all council members take this time to get to know the applicants if you have not already. Any other issues or questions may be brought to the council and we will discuss them if there is time or save it for the next meeting.

    Thank you, scribe Orla if you have any questions about this meeting.

    ~ Orla ~

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    I have filed the meeting through the proper channels to make it official

    (@ooc: you need to file meetings on the guild council board)
    Master Fips Rose


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      Thanks, Fips!

      (@ooc: >.> Oops.)


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        *bumped to the top*


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          I apologize that I was unable to be there for the council meeting. However, I hope it went on without me.

          ((I was unable to log in for hours. I'm so sorry it was really unexpected and I just checked again and saw it was now working.))


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            I think I may have missed the notice for this.
            Madalina Blue and Saruno


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              I was very disappointed that none arrived at the appointed time and place save myself. I waited for a quarter of an hour. Please advise when the meeting will be rescheduled.

              ~Lady Morven Adalhard



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