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Garments Available for sale in Grand Provillion

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  • Garments Available for sale in Grand Provillion

    So You Can Sew is back in business. I have placed some garments for sale in the Grand Provillian. I am planning to place some suitable garments out in Old Town Market too as well. If you need garments or costumes you can contact either myself, Lady Meepers or Miss Orla or Miss Faith. Also we are looking for a good tailor to help with men's clothing, so if you are interested you can contact either of us for that as well. Thank you and we look forward to your business.

    Lady Tara aka Lady Meepers
    Dame Tara
    di Draco Rinaldi (Meepers)

    Love has no past no future. It is here in the present so you must savor each and ever moment of it before it slips away.