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  • LUCKY'S: New Guild

    --Mercredi, the twenty-eighth day of Snow in the year of 899 Apres le Miracle--

    Long ago, Valdus and I combined our two guilds to create the Black Guilds of Docktown. Since we have long since parted ways, and the Black Skulls have been inactive and unproductive, I hereby dissolve that guild and will honorably discharge all members from service.

    Today, I announce "LUCKY'S" guild, which shall focus on trade ventures, investment enterprises and mercenary missions. I should note that we will endeavor for a more reputable, less criminal, and even more profitable business. I will be hiring personnel for all three of our business endeavors and will offer automatic membership to any willing past employees.

    Contact me if you'd like to discuss a job with the new guild and specify if you are most interested in:
    • Trade (merchants, salesmen, buyers)
    • Investment (bankers, book-keepers, investors, loan-writers)
    • Mercenary (fighters, scouts, hunters)
    Please note that "LUCKY'S" will not be hiring any crafters, and instead we'll support ALLIED CRAFTING GUILDS that specialize in their respective crafts.

    - Lucky Luciano

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    I would like to employ Lucky's Guild for the use of collecting fresh dray scat from the grasslands. I am willing to offer 50 denarii which is about a month's wages in Docktown. I need it to be collected with a bag and brought to me so I can use it as fertilizer for my gardens. I would imagine this is a good start for your guild and your ventures


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      We'll conduct all business arrangements privately, and with folks who have the sense to use correspondence - rather than public postings - to arrange services.

      - Lucky Luciano