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** Guild Council Meeting - Tenth Day of Sap **

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  • ** Guild Council Meeting - Tenth Day of Sap **

    To the Guild Council, Denizens of the City, and Embassy Members,

    There will be a guild council meeting on Mercredi the tenth day of Sap in the year of 899 Apres le Miracle. This will be at the first late bell (1pm est - whatever time that is ig) and I will wait ten ticks for latecomers before we begin. We will be discussing the shops that were previously agreed on in the last meeting and working out how to execute them and which to start with next.

    Furthermore, we will discuss all guild applications and vote on them. I suggest all council members take this time to get to know the applicants if you have not already. Any other issues or questions may be brought to the council and we will discuss them if there is time or save it for the next meeting.

    Thank you, scribe Orla if you have any questions about this meeting.

    ~ Orla ~

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    Do remember the meeting is tomorrow at the first late bell. In addition to the shops, please check the boards for new suggestions, proposals and membership. Members who cannot make it should send me a missive on their thoughts.


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      *neatly re-tacked with sparkly sapphire blue star pins*


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        This meeting has been rescheduled for the 17th day of Sap (OOC: March 17th, 9pm eastern time). See the guild council board for more information regarding this meeting.