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The Third Annual Trade and Craft Emporium

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  • The Third Annual Trade and Craft Emporium

    It is my great pleasure to announce the third annual Crafters and Trade Emporium, hosted by the Avoirdupois Trade Embassy.

    All Crafters, tradesmen and merchants are invited to attend the Emporium on the 22nd of next month to display and sell their wares and crafts among the denizens of the city. Food and beverages will be supplied by the embassy, as well as a number of unique items imported by our Embassy. Art and works by the city artists will also be on display, with a curated show to highlight the talents and skills of our great city.

    Houses are also invited to attend and display their various trade materials, but priority booth spaces will be reserved for independent guilds and individuals.

    At the conclusion of the event, there will be a silent auction of selected items, the proceeds of which will go toward the funding of the Marienne-Sophia School for Refinement, an independently operated school for children and young adults, especially orphans and the under-privileged of our great city.

    We look forward to seeing you all!

    Warmest regards,
    Lady Emmaline Beaumont d’Avoirdupois

    (OOC - Sunday April 22nd, 9 pm EST)

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