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A call to Arms for Hairstylists, Jewelers, and likeminded Peoples

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  • A call to Arms for Hairstylists, Jewelers, and likeminded Peoples

    Fellow Citizens of Triskellian,

    This is a call to arms for all those people with the skills needed to make our fellows beatific with our combined knowledge of taste, and thorough care. I am currently searching for stylists, and jewelers to join me in assuring our great city does justice in providing the best accommodations we can muster with our combined hands, friendships and alliances.

    First, and foremost, for the city. Secondly, for our guild.

    It is my attempt to right the wrongs being done to the northern portion of the city, with the types of furnishings and 'decor', if you would call it that, in the new shops, buildings and businesses. What has thus far been allowed both within the Guild Council hall itself, and the new salon, is an atrocity of impatience; mispaired materials, and an overall lackluster sense of direction for those people whom wish to be surrounded by, at the very least, comfort, if not opulence that we should be providing in the form of a tasteful ambiance within our new-found privileges in acquiring, and being able to attend and see these new spaces being done rightly by.

    If you are of a similar mind, one who cannot help but wince at the lack of character, and glaringly obnoxious tastelessness being forced upon the grander part of our city, I bid you; Gather up your scissors, and combs, wield your glittering jeweling knife, and help me bring to bear our folders, and piles of well thought out plans on any who would think to offer less than our valued, combined clientele deserve.

    I cannot accomplish this alone. Triskellian needs you.

    ~~☙✾❧~ ♦ ~~☙✾❧~~ ⚕️ ~☙✾❧~~ Of