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Guild Council Meeting - 6th Day of Flower

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  • SB_Topsy
    Upon receipt of the minutes from this meeting, His Lordship did declare the following;;

    The following members and representatives are duly noted as present at the start of the meeting.

    Mister Bruno Smith, Hands of St Trahern
    Mister Chesh Veressan, CV Guild
    Mistress Azora Dillon, Dillon Mercantile
    Miss Orla, So We Can Sew
    Lady Emmaline Beaumont, Avoirdupois Trade Embassy

    Spectators include Mister Bjorn, Triskellian Woodworkers

    With the required number of members and representatives in attendance, all following topics and the votes therein are considered to be valid.

    On the matter of the plans for the Carpenters shopfront located in Newtown, submitted by mister Bjorn of the Triskellian Woodworkers, the voting proceeded and resulted in a tally of 4 unanimously in favor of proceeding and has passed.

    His lordship declares that he is in agreement with the estimate and the vote and it is now declared passed. Funds will be liquidated and the location opened for renovations to begin at earliest convenience.

    On the matter of the plans for the Newtown Smithy, presented by mister Bruno Smith of the Hands of St Trahern, the vote stands at 3 unanimously in agreement.

    His lordship similarly agrees and the matter is considered passed. The matter is queues while work finishes on the Carpenters shopfront, after which point the renovations may commence.

    On the matter of improvements made to Calabria Park, submitted by miss Isabelle of the Doloreaux, the collective voted unanimously 3 in agreement.

    Upon consideration, his Lordship concurs and the matter is settled; work can begin at any time as convenient for those involved.

    In service to his Lordship,

    Signore Ugatta B. Kitingmay III

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  • Bruno Smith
    *brought to the front*

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  • Bruno Smith
    started a topic Guild Council Meeting - 6th Day of Flower

    Guild Council Meeting - 6th Day of Flower

    I will be scheduling a Guild Council meeting for the 6th day of Flower (ooc: May 6th, 9pm eastern time)

    Topics to be discussed:
    * Any pending council applications (at the time of this notice, there are none)
    * Newtown smithy proposal
    * Newtown carpenter shop proposal
    * Calabria Park additions
    * Slavery
    * I would also like to discuss the topic of removing inactive guilds from the council

    Bruno Smith