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Seeking Donations: The Hairstylist Circle

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  • Seeking Donations: The Hairstylist Circle

    Seeking Donations: The Hairstylist Circle

    As a stylist for the city, I would love to see new and fresh designs for the men and women of our great city. However, I cannot afford them myself as a guild of one.
    So I am asking for donations of trade papers. These will be used to help bring new styles, textures and lengths into the city.

    I will be placing all the ideas here as well so the city can vote for themselves on what they wish to see the trade papers used on.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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    Perhaps you could join forces with Monsieur Gracien, as he has been doing a lovely job as a stylist over the summer, and Miss Lidia, as she is also a stylist. I applaud your idea, but feel it would be more effective if you could garner resources that will benefit the three of you.

    One is such a lonely number.



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      Should they be willing to help, I would gladly welcome it!
      I am not a member of one by choice but I thank you so much for your suggestion. I shall reach out to those you have named.

      Also, any resources I gain would be for all stylists. Not just myself.