The Great Skotos Split Is Here [UPDATED]

The long-planned Skotos split is here. We are going to be separating Skotos into the four games that we're passing off to individual players (Marrach, TEC, the game formerly known as Ironclaw Online, the game formerly known as Lazarus Sleeping), and in the near future the core Skotos site will shutdown.

Here's how it will work:
* On Monday, we will turn off the ability to make any purchases through the main site. This will be the end of credit card purchases for Skotos games.
* We will run final automated credit card purchases on Tuesday morning. This is typical, in that our regular subscriptions are always set to run on the 1st through the 28th.
* On Wednesday, we will begin converting the games over to the new auth server that I've been working on for the last month and a half. All data will be converted over from the moment I grab the database. This means that all of your account information, including all payments (but not including any credit card information or Paypal information) will be duped to all the games: you'll be able to play any of them for the time you'd previously paid at the main Skotos site.
* We'll then start integrating the individual sites for each game with the new stand-alone setup.
* And likely I'll be resolving bugs in the auth server that only turn up through extensive usage.
* Meanwhile, we'll start handing off games to the individuals who will be running it in the future. I'm at this point over the time I'd initially committed to Skotos by a bit more than three weeks, but I'm expecting I'll need to offer support a little into May to make sure everyone is running well and that I've helped Christopher, Skotos, and the game leads deal with any intricacies of the hand-off.
* We'll request that all games remove all information from users who didn't stick with their game within a year.

I hope this will go as smoothly as possible. There will surely be bumps in the road. In particular, expect some random downtimes on Wednesday, when I convert over the games to the new servers, and expect the potential for problems on *next* Thursday, when I see how things work in the new setup.

A Few Updates as of 5/3:

1.) Castle Marrach, TEC, and Allegory of Empires are now split out from the main Skotos UserDB, which is the first (and biggest) step in separating these games. Multiversal Revelations will follow on Monday.

2.) Each site has a new login page of the form login.itsdomainname. This is the proper place to login to that game, and where you should access all UserDB functionality. Anything you do on the main Skotos users pages will no longer be reflected. Yes, that means you should be using the new pages to update your accounts, purchase months of play, and purchase subscriptions. Credit card payments are no longer possible, but Paypal is.

3.) Skotos is still running the games as of this moment, but they'll be transferred to the individual teams by this time next month.

4.) We've had some problems with credit cards continuing to run on the older UserDB system. We've refunded any bills that went through on the main system following the split, and apologize for the inconvenience. The plan is to turn the old UserDB off tomorrow, so that will absolutely stop the bills at this point. If you were accidentally billed, do note both that the amount was refunded the same day AND it isn't reflected on the new systems. [And as of Monday morning, those old charges seem to have been halted entirely.]

5.) We've discovered that about 20 accounts have credits of various amounts of them. This is a concept that is no longer supported in any meaningful way on the new UserDB, so we'll convert those credits to days of play at the most generous ratio.
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Seeking Donations: The Hairstylist Circle

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  • Seeking Donations: The Hairstylist Circle

    Seeking Donations: The Hairstylist Circle

    As a stylist for the city, I would love to see new and fresh designs for the men and women of our great city. However, I cannot afford them myself as a guild of one.
    So I am asking for donations of trade papers. These will be used to help bring new styles, textures and lengths into the city.

    I will be placing all the ideas here as well so the city can vote for themselves on what they wish to see the trade papers used on.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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    Perhaps you could join forces with Monsieur Gracien, as he has been doing a lovely job as a stylist over the summer, and Miss Lidia, as she is also a stylist. I applaud your idea, but feel it would be more effective if you could garner resources that will benefit the three of you.

    One is such a lonely number.

    ~Lady Morven Adalhard


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      Should they be willing to help, I would gladly welcome it!
      I am not a member of one by choice but I thank you so much for your suggestion. I shall reach out to those you have named.

      Also, any resources I gain would be for all stylists. Not just myself.


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        Suggested New Styles: Female

        ((Names are clickable))

        I will be adding more soon.

        Bow Ponytail: Worn halfway pulled to the back of the head in a sleek ponytail that has the shape of a bow while the rest of the hair cascades down the back in luxurious waves.
        Cascading Braids: Worn in singular small braids that has been manipulated into a delicate cascade of braided curls.
        Criss-Cross Braided Bun: Worn upward in a simple updo styles where two small, braids cross at the back of the head and gingerly circle the neat bun atop the head.
        Decorative Dreadlocks: Worn in wild, wavy dreadlocks that has been colorfully woven with various beads and wrappings.
        Soft, Disheveled Curls: Worn in a sultry, disheveled style that consists of soft, loose curls that have been layered over the head with a central parting and split fringe.
        Dreaded Updo: Worn in sleek, elegant dreadlocks that has been gathered backwardly into a neat bun with sideswept bangs.
        Fishtail Side-Bun: Worn in an elaborate fishtail braid at the back of the head that elegantly sweeps to the side of the head in a neat, bun.
        Fishtail Side-Pony: Worn in side ponytail that has a loose fishtail braid luxuriously draping over the shoulder.
        French-Twist Bun: Worn in a classical side-parted updo style that neatly twists into an elegant bun at he back of the head, wispy pieces have been pulled to the sides to give a casual appearance.
        Half Bob: Worn in a short style where the entire right side of the hair has been cut low and slicked back behind the ear, leaving the top and left part of the hair free and curled against the forehead.
        Layered Brush Curls: Worn in long layered, voluminous brush curls that luxuriously tumble over the shoulders and and back.
        Pearled Dreadlocks: Worn in feminine dreadlocks that have been pulled into an elegant updo and wrapped with shimmering string pearls.
        Seashell Updo: Worn in an intricate style that brings the hair into a unique, swirled bun that resembles a seashell.
        Short-Glossy-Coils: Worn in a sleek, silky style where the hair has been parted to the side and spills into perfect, voluminous coiled curls.
        Side-Swept-Tight-Curls: Worn above the shoulder in tight curls that consists of a central parting and side-swept bangs.
        Simplistic Braid Duo: Worn parted down to center with each side gathered into a neat braid then gathered backward into a braided bun.
        Top-Knot Ponytail: Worn in a high ponytail atop the head with free hair wrapped around the base of the pony to lend a glamorous topknot ponytail, the front of the hair has been sideswept across one side of the forehead into dynamic bangs.
        Waterfall Braid: Worn in a luxurious, wavy cascade curl with an elegant waterfall braid woven in between at the back of the head.
        Wavy Undercut: Worn in a female hairstyles where the back and side is cut short and close to the head, leaving the top and opposite side longer with layers to give an asymmetric finish.
        Wild Curls: Worn in a medium long style with large swirly curls that have been manipulated to look wild, stringy and elegant with an upward fringe that gives a dynamic curve.
        Wispy Bob: Worn in a soft, wispy short bob style where the hair has been layered, to flawlessly intensify the wispy dimensions of the haircut.