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  • Closed Guild Council Meeting

    A Guild Council meeting is scheduled for Dimache, the eighteenth day of Hunter's [ OOC - 10-18-2018 - @ 9 pm EST ].

    All Guild Council members are implored to be present for this particular meeting, which will be closed to any and all public; including Trade Ambassador's, and their representatives. IE; Guild Council members only.

    Topics to be Discussed:

    - Soup Kitchen Proposal and refining details

    - Project Leader for Newtown Carpentry Shop

    - Discussion of Crafting Regulations and rights

    - Protection for Docktown

    Matters of great importance and delicacy are to be discussed, and we wish to reach the bottom of said matters without any interruptions, outbursts, or other miscellaneous disruptions.

    We apologize for any inconvenience or grief this may cause any of our regular attendees, but at this time we see no way to circumvent such a situation.

    Thank you for your understanding,
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    Miss Avarsch,

    Can you post a list of topics that will be discuss/voted upon? So we know what to expect and others may submit their input if they are unable to attend.


    Bruno Smith