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Guild Council Meeting, 12th Day of Frost

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  • Guild Council Meeting, 12th Day of Frost

    A Guild Council meeting is scheduled for
    Mardi, the twelfth day of Frost [OOC - 11-12-2018 - @ 7 pm EST]

    Topics to be discussed:

    Leader of the City Watch
    Crafter's Rights

    Topics to be voted on:
    The application of Eyriel and Treetop Horizon
    to join the Guild Council

    We would appreciate all council members to attend.

    If you wish for the cliff notes or full minutes of the previous meeting please write to me.

    Noah Beaumont, Guild Council Scribe
    "Focus on the small, good things in your life. See them
    as little fireflies in the darkness surrounding you. Gather them up and put them in a jar and you'll
    have a nice nightlight to keep the darkness at bay."


    Noah, Adiza, Dru, Tobias
    Once played Mattimeo (Matt), Drosnan, Seened, Patrick

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