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Calling All Blacksmiths

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  • Calling All Blacksmiths

    The Triskellian City Watch is looking to hire local blacksmiths to help fill its armory. Any smiths interested in this type of work can write to Bruno Smith with a short description of the type of services you can provide (weapons, armor, both). You will be paid for the cost of materials plus 30% for labor. Materials are to be restricted to iron, bronze (includes the specialty iron and bronze sold in Newtown), leather (for armor), and wood when appropriate (as long as it is sold by local merchants). Any carpenters who can provide wooden weapons (training weapons included) and shields may also apply. We ask that the final products be of at least average quality so if you need help acquiring decent materials, let me know.

    Once I hear from you I will assign you a work order and we will go from there.

    Bruno Smith