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    Hey Triskellians,

    Just a little note to let you know that the Good Dame Xena has decided on a new career path for herself, and chosen a successor to manage the Sailor's Guild, the official port authority over incoming Cargo for the Auction house.

    We are a Rinaldi sanctioned guild to that end, and as such we also have the privilege of importing goods to the city. The Four great houses still have exclusive rights to their various and precious imports and if you want to know what those are, you can contact any of their ambassadors for more information.

    But what we can get, is anything that they cannot. I'll be straight with ya, it'll probably cost ya a bit more, but we can get all sorts of amazing things. Already built weaponry like Bows and crossbows, (assuming you dont have a smith in town design one for ya), out of precious materials. We can get music boxes, compasses, all sea related materials and maybe even ships if you want to try and buy one. Them definitely aint cheap, even the used ones.

    But if you got unusual tastes and want something to suit them, you might do well to check with me if I can find one at any port the water touches.

    We also provide sailing services, if you have an adventure that needs to go over the seas, there aint a better guild to go to that will treat ya fair and honest. All missions can be considered discreet. That means if it aint their business they aint gonna know what happened from us.

    One other thing we can do, among many, is protect your property from pirates. We'll be on the front line when pirates are causing a problem, so if you have that infestation, ya just let us know. We'll be ready.

    Also, we are recruiting. If you wanna try out yer sea legs and learn how to sail better, we are hiring all sorts of people. Everyone at the Sailor's guild has a job, and everyone is expected to work, but we pay well, and see the world.

    Sea Captain Sage,
    Overseer of the Sailor's Guild