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  • Guild Councilors please read

    To better help with scheduling, if you are a house representative or guild councilor could you post below when you would be available for meetings in the next two weeks? We have a vote to take, a few previous topics to go over, and if possible start working on a set and written resource for the council on how the Don and ourselves would like proceedings to go.

    Thank you for your time,
    Dr Hush Rose.

    The Amazing Meganame Generator

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    My schedule is flexible with a few days notice I can attend anytime. I am most available in the evening hours however. --Dr. Hush Rose.

    The Amazing Meganame Generator


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      Generally available early PM est - (2pm - 4pm).
      Dame Dasha di Silvi

      Brigadier of the Royal Rinaldi Army.

      Founder of di Silvi Academy


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        My schedule fluctuates highly, but the norm is as follows (at least if I get a little notice).

        ((Monday-Wednesday after 6pm, Thursdays can be available earlier in the day (virtually any time with notice), Fridays before 5pm, Saturdays virtually any time, not usually available Sundays.))

        -Prelate Antos Bareil


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          My meeting schedule often keeps me busy until the evening hours, but with enough notice I will endeavor to attend or send an envoy in my stead.


          Lady Emmaline Richelieu, Ambassador

          ((OOC - every day after 9 pm est))


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            Assuming I am not busy with other commitments, or out of the city, early evening is best for me. (2pm - 6pm EST)
            Master Fips Rose