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  • Exclusive Patterns/Dyes - Taimyre Trades

    (OOC: A single sketch adorns this posting)

    A new blouse design for all you females out there!

    Sleeve-cinched blouse:
    A female, hip-length, upper body garment boasting six small button enclosures that give way to a rounded neckline when closed, and a V-shaped neckline when the top button is left undone. Simple cinch ties adorn the sleeves to snugly hug the biceps before radiating downward into blossoming ends that flutter about against the forearms.

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    (OOC: New sketches!)

    Dress tunic:
    A long-sleeved, formal tunic of elaborate design boasting a tight-fitting neck with a split down the front for pulling over the head. Gussets are present under the arms and have been inserted around the lower half to create a flaring skirt, with tablet-woven braids further decorating the neck, hem, and wrists to lend a dressier appearance.

    Backless blouse:
    A female upper body garment in which a singular piece of fabric snugly covers the frontal necessities before draping down to rest against the hips. Two barely-there straps secure it to the arms and give way on the backside to a large, circular cut-out which exposes an ample amount of furred skin or quills, depending on the species. Luxurious folds of leftover fabric pool atop the derriere to finish the piece.
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      (OOC: New sketches with OOC images for you to reference)

      Corsetted Hunting Frock:
      A unique, knee-length frock featuring a saucy, low-cut, and front lacing skirted coat with contrasting trim at the wide cuffs. Pullback corners have been added at the front base of the skirting with customized buttons adorning the cuffs, turn back seams, and backside of the garment. It comes complete with a matching corset underneath to smooth the silhouette of the wearer and closes atop via a series of laced and cinched metal grommets.


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        [*more sketches have been attached to this posting*]

        Corsetted Overlay Dress:
        A knee-length dress bearing a strapless, slimming corset with a sweetheart top that snugly hugs and lifts the breasts to reveal a decent amount of cleavage. Thirteen pairs of grommets adorn the front and are laced as loosely or tightly as the wearer desires to achieve a more slender silhouette. The skirt has been sewn onto the bottom of the corset and trails down into three tiers of modest ruffles that drape about the knee in casual folds. The entire garment has been overlaid with a contrasting patterned lace to increase the vibrancy of color and shine of the fabric below.

        Sheer Ceiling Drape

        A swath of thin fabric centrally gathered and bound with cord, string, or fishing line before being attached to ceiling beams or overhead light fixtures. It drapes and billows toward the wall where it is secured, and, when grouped with more, affords a muted illumination to the room while adding an air of elegance to those structures where coarser elements detract from the overall feel. In smaller rooms, four drapes is enough, whereas larger venues such as halls or ballrooms may require dozens.


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          [*more sketches have been attached to this posting*]

          Bell-Sleeved Shirt
          Possessed of a subdued, casual style, this garment features a versatile and variable neckline set with a lace tie at the center that allows it to be pulled tight and worn at the neck, or left loose to wear on or off the shoulders, as the lady desires. It bears full-length, bell sleeves which drape and flow past the wrists in simplistic elegance.

          Ruched Halter Dress
          A flowy, floor-length dress featuring curved seams and layered ruching. The top boasts an off-center twisted halter which lends a wraparound appearance to the upper piece of the garment and secures it to the wearer. An elegant slit graces the left thigh and extends down just past the feet where the fabric pools together to lightly brush the ground.