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  • In need of books

    Greetings! I am Izaak Kneller, master of the guild Care and Share, a charity
    organization here in the city.

    I find myself in need of a number of books for record keeping and personal
    endeavours. If anyone that can make these would write me with a quote I
    will send you your coin as I am in great need of them.

    I require the following:
    3 Books
    3 Sketchbooks
    1 Tome
    2 Manuals

    I require each in a different color so that I can keep them organized better and
    I would like them made in a material that can handle daily wear and tear of
    being carried around.

    I look forward to replies.

    ~Izaak Kneller~

    "Focus on the small, good things in your life. See them
    as little fireflies in the darkness surrounding you. Gather them up and put them in a jar and you'll
    have a nice nightlight to keep the darkness at bay."


    Noah, Adiza, Dru, Tobias
    Once played Mattimeo (Matt), Drosnan, Seened, Patrick