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New Avoirdupois Import: Complete Set of Armor Strappings

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  • New Avoirdupois Import: Complete Set of Armor Strappings

    The Avoirdupois embassy is pleased to announce that we will now be importing quality leather armor strappings. Crafted in Chalon by expert Avoirdupois smiths, these strappings are for the purpose of properly securing armor when in combat.

    We will be offering these at a cost of three hundred and twenty (320) denarii or eighty (80) tradesman papers. Discounts will be given to civil servants and members of the Church.

    Please direct any and all inquiries to myself, Romain D. Lémieux.

    [OOC: This is a wearable container-type "suit of armor" that holds individual pieces. For further information, see this thread.]

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    [brought to the fore; a note has been tacked to the bottom]

    As a result of a decrease in importation fees, we are now able to offer our armor strappings at one hundred and thirty (130) denarii or sixty five (65) tradesman papers. As before, discounts will be given to members of the Constabulary and Church.


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      [retacked at the fore]



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