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  • - Mangrove Lumber in Bulk! -

    On Behalf of Mister Frang,

    I write the city to inform you of a great opportunity to purchase in bulk! Brought to this fine city from the swamps. Dodging, and fending off fearsome beasts to bring you the best quality from that otherworldly place.

    - Mangrove lumber, en bulk- Prices are per bundle of 10 cords -

    30 cods -(three bundles)- Unsurpassed - 65d
    10 cords -(one bundle)- Exceptional - 55d
    10 cords -(one bundle)- Outstanding - 50d
    20 cords -(two bundles)- Very Good - 40d
    20 cords -(two bundles)- Average - 30d
    10 cords -(one bundle)- Poor 25d
    10 cords -(one bundle)- Bad 20d

    Write to mister Frang at once to secure your purchase today! The courier knows him by name.