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  • Blobs on the street

    I know there was some excitement the last few days as zombies and even the blobs found their way to the surface. I'm glad to see people played along and had fun with it. I know our little police force enjoyed having a reason to patrol.

    Turns out there was an exit from the tunnels that was open and shouldn't have been. If you have never come across this situation, not every room in every building has finished being coded. In those cases, the exit leads to an OOC room which has exits to all over the city. The hatch that was left open led there. That and having double the zombie population we really need equaled zombies all over the city. Hatch should be closed and locked.

    If you do find yourself in that area, please file and assist so we can see to closing the appropriate door. To catch the zombies, I temporarily closed off the exits from that OOC room. 6 zombies were caught and released back into the wild. So you may want to file that assist anyway if you are caught. Just be sure to let us know about where you had been when you stepped through the wrong door.
    -StoryHost Xios