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  • Anyone out there?

    Hi! Stumbled across this game this week, so far have not seen a single soul online so far and I've bene regularly logging on. Are there specific times when a lot of people are online? Would love to play with others.

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    Hey there Cassandwich.

    I can't officially speak to the state of Lovecraft as I work over at Castle Marrach, but I don't think Lovecraft is really an active game right now, particularly given how dated some of the threads on the first page of this forum are.

    I believe Lovecraft has some game staff working in the background to update the game but I'm not sure what their progress on that is. In the meantime, The Eternal City, Castle Marrach and Ironclaw Online are Skotos' more populated games right now if you want to give them a try while you wait.

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      Currently we are revamping staff and the game to do a completely redesign. We are sorry for lack of staff and gaming opportunities, but it will be over a bit of time redoing the whole game for your enjoyment. If you have any questions, please do pm me here or email me

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        Awesome! Can't wait to see the changes ;p

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