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We need You! Yes, You over There!

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  • We need You! Yes, You over There!

    Greetings my Lovecraftian Minions,

    As you read in the title we are seeking you, the players, former and new, of Lovecraft to come and assist us. We are going to be working on giving the game a huge upgrade. It will take time and we greatly appreciate the patience you are giving us. Right now, we are asking you to go on a hunt with us.

    My plan since taking over is to the areas of the games(maps, systems, grading, classes, etc). But here is the thing, I need your help. I can't run around every part of the game poking around, I would like you as the player to assist and as a reward, we are going to offer you a predetermined amount of storypoints to your account for all your help. If you also feel you have a suggestion for the bugs you find and we implement it, we will add additional points to your account.

    If you have any questions at all, please pm me here or email me at

    StoryHost Link and Lovecraft Staff

    (OOC: Apologies if reposted and changed name, for some reason I had to reset it due to coding errors with staff body)

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