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    When ever I've stopped in to peek, I've noticed LC:AbN has been empty. Are there any plans to transition this game to free to play, or other idea recall and build the player base?
    Before you is a wraithlike gryphon, the air around him shimmering with bright flares of magic. The scent of gold and alchemy ingrediants permeates from him. Gunk and sap resides within his fur, resulting from a lack of grooming. Occasional scars and ample scabs are the only break from his black, unkept hide. His infested claws are covered in a grey creep that maggots writhe about in. At the end of his elongated tail is a bulk of deformed bone with spikes emerging from it. A layer of creep also covers this deformity. Sharply contrasting the rest of his body are his trimmed wings, carefully preened to be presentable. Upon the ends of these sinewy wings reside a circle of white feathers. Green eyes reside above his straight beak.

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    I have also been wondering about this. I really love the atmosphere of the game and want to play but I just don't see myself subscribing to Skotos in the near future.
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    Anuu, Master of Scrolls. All of them.


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      Right now currently to low staff an player base, everything is being redesigned and it, unfortunately, is taking a bit of time. Any ideas will not be turned down. As of now, there is no decision to turn it into free-to-play. Perhaps in the future.

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